Gedcom import not working?

Started by Are Årseth on Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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1/31/2012 at 8:39 AM

When I go to:

I get "We are experiencing technical difficulties" before I can do anything. Even if I am not logged in. What is the problem?

1/31/2012 at 12:20 PM

Are Årseth We are not currently supporting GEDCOM import. It was causing too many issues and problems in our trees. We are working on ways to handle these issues and hope to offer GEDCOM importing again at some point in the future.

2/1/2012 at 8:53 AM

Maybe an idea to update the Wiki then?

2/20/2012 at 7:12 PM

@Natalie MacLees, You've been working on fixing the GEDCOM import issues for about a year, if I'm not mistaken. How many members or potential members have you lost in that time because they, like me, don't want to rekey all their information? I keep very detailed information on my ancestors, and not only is retyping it tedious and time-consuming, but also it's an invitation to error. You really need to get the GEDCOM import working again or AncestorSync, which looks even better.

In the meantime, someone definitely needs to update the Wiki page that Are gave above, and also fix the GEDCOM start page; instead of a message that says "We are experiencing technical difficulties," put a message about why you suspended GEDCOM importing and when you expect to restore it.

I'm a lifetime member so I've got time to wait until GEDCOM importing is fixed, but not everyone wants to wait.

2/21/2012 at 1:08 AM

Keith and Are have a very valid point here about the WIki. It's not something I tend to go to so I didn't realise it was saying this. It is really not good that it gives the impression that gedcom is normally available to upload and easy to do. It should be made clear at every oportunity in Geni that the likelyhood is that Gedcom probably won't be necessary on Geni because so many trees are already on Geni and the nature of the site is that they are shared so that Gedcoms only caused massive quantities of duplicates. Keith, Have you found you have had to add very many profiles? I was an early user to Geni i.e. before Gedcoms and I typed my tree in profile by profile and it really isn't such a hardship. I imagine it would be even easier now despite the fact that my tree is not yet connected to the 'Big Tree'.

2/21/2012 at 1:16 AM

WeRelate has a gedcom import system that prevents most duplicates

2/21/2012 at 8:18 AM

@Terry, of the 250 or so ancestors of my wife and me, I would probably have to add 225 by hand, and as I said, I'm not talking about just birth, marriage, and death dates. I have full biographical information for many of them, including baptisms, places, work, education, wills, probate, and burials (and sources). I'm not going to retype all of that by hand. Geni just needs to figure out a way to allow imports without creating a mess. I've seen many suggestions in the discussions, such as limiting the number of people imported at one time, requiring the member to check possible matches one by one, etc. In any case, Geni needs to come up with a plan and let members know what the plan is, rather than providing conflicting and misleading information.

2/21/2012 at 9:12 AM

That's your opinion Keith, I have to respect that but compared to the 9k profiles I have input many of those for the historic tree so meaning reorganising messes caused by gedcom inputs and adding to the 'about me's' over the years but I appreciate it's all relative. If Geni could find a way to import Gedcoms without causing duplicates as before I would be in favour but until they can do this I have to object.

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2/21/2012 at 12:32 PM

"It should be made clear at every oportunity in Geni that the likelyhood is that Gedcom probably won't be necessary on Geni because so many trees are already on Geni and the nature of the site is that they are shared so that Gedcoms only caused massive quantities of duplicates"

Terry. Your logic is frightening. There are about 100 million people on Geni, and you are saying that this represents such a proportion of people that have ever lived on Earth that gedcoms are no longer necessary.

We've already almost 400,000 ready to import - hope to have 1.5 million by June. Almost none of these are already on Geni - or on any other site. Enter them by hand, you say!

That fact that you haven't yet found a connection to the Big Tree is illuminating.

Keith. You're right. If the gedcom was reinstated, so much would be missing that there's little left except birth and death dates.

2/21/2012 at 12:34 PM

Are Årseth, Keith Riggle and Terry Jackson (Switzer). The Geni team has been working on migrating away from the Wiki and more toward using our new Help platform at We haven't been able to move completely just yet because there is still valuable information in the Wiki that we don't want to lose.

The information in our Wiki can be edited by any of our members. The information that is posted there on GEDCOM import has been updated by several different Geni members, but not very recently. If you see misinformation in the Wiki, please feel free to correct it - that is a resource maintained by our community, not necessarily by Geni staff members.

I know that it seems sometimes like Geni is moving at a snail's pace and not getting features built and released to the site quickly enough, but please do remember that we are a tiny little company - only 18 employees total, including office support staff, customer service, etc. It just isn't possible for us to build all the features everybody wants as quickly as they want them no matter how hard we work.

We do our best to focus our attention on the most in demand features and glaring problems. I can understand how it might not seem that way, but keep in mind that each Geni member has their own wish list, their own priorities, and their own way of using our site. What's critically important to one member doesn't matter at all to another, so we're always doing a balancing act between what people want and what we can realistically accomplish.

Thank you Keith, for becoming a lifetime member. Your support of our endeavor is much appreciated. And thank you Terry for volunteering your time and expertise as a Curator. Our Curators help make our site better and better.

12/1/2017 at 8:28 AM

Here we are, 5 YEARS after the start of this discussion, and GEDCOM import is still "temporarily" disabled, while the Wiki page says it's currently not possible.

Having dealt with the frustration of having to merge duplicate profiles, I no longer believe GEDCOM import is a good idea. Yes, it's a pain in the carpal tunnel to add profiles along with all their sources, and I will never get all the collateral lines added. But even if Geni had a duplicate checker like WeRelate or FamilySearch, I suspect many duplicate profiles would still get added.

So why not just be honest and admit that Geni does not have a GEDCOM import function, and probably never will? I suggest deleting the words "temporarily" and "currently." They just give people false hope that some day it might be restored, causing them to hold back on adding new profiles. I've bought the bullet and started adding the new ones from my tree.

yesterday at 4:40 PM

One of our clever curators has created an ap you may be interested in Keith Riggle Find out more here:

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