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My father was Yehoshua (Shia) Temkin. Born in Lithuania in approx. 1911or 1912. Lived in Posvil/Pasvalys until 1929 and emigrated to South Africa. He married Ray (Roche Hinda) Waldman and had two children i.e. Me (Shirley) and Colin. My father's parents, Chaikel/Chaim and Sheina (born Mer) Temkin, had 4 daughters of which three were killed in the Holocaust and the third (Dvora) emigrated to Israel and married Tzemach Kaplan and they had three daughters - I have information on this sister and her family. There was also another son who died at a young age

What I would like is :
-any records of my father's birth and any other records relating to him while he was in Lithuania
-records of the birth and death of his little brother
-information on siblings of my grandfather (Chaikel/Chaim). Chaikel's parents were Akiva and Chaya. I know of one of Chaikel's sisters (i.e. Raizel) who came to South Africa and was married to Toker. ALSO,
- information on siblings of my grandmother (Sheina). One of Sheina's siblings,Chaya, came to South Africa and was married to Isaac Taback. Sheina's mother's name was Mere (and therefore her married name was "Mere Mer') but I don't know the name of her father.

Thank you,
Shirley Bruk

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