Maartjie Lubbe - A 16-year old with 10 children?

Started by Celia Haupt on Friday, February 3, 2012


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2/3/2012 at 9:31 PM

Hello all. I suspect that something is wrong with Maartje's birth or death dates. She lived for 16 years, and managed to have 10 children in that time. Does anyone have a source for her dates?

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2/3/2012 at 9:53 PM

Hi Celia

The death date in her profile is actually her marriage date:

c10 Jacobus Adriaan * “Tigerkloof 164”, dist. Piketberg ≈
Tulbagh 11.1.1767, burger Graaff-Reinet † “Waterval
453”, dist. Cradock, Junie 1822 x Stellenbosch
24.2.1788 Maartje LUBBE * Stellenbosch ≈ Tulbagh
6.7.1771 d.v. Johannes Hendrik Lubbe en Elsie

Her last child was born in 1813 (I can only find 9 children):

d9 Maartje Elizabeth Jacoba * 28.11.1813 ≈ Graaff-
Reinet 11.4.1814 † “Kraairivier”, dist. Lady Grey
30.11.1853 x Cradock 26.12.1830 David Benjamin
NAUDE * “Olyfenfontein”, dist. Aliwal-Noord
1.1.1811 ≈ Graaff-Reinet 3.3.1811 † “Rietevlei”, dist.
Aliwal-Noord 17.10.1881 s.v. Charel Naude en
Elizabeth Catharina Joubert

So she must have died after 1813.

2/5/2012 at 1:38 AM

Thanks Lea. That makes much more sense. I do not have the names of the 10 children, so it could very well have been only 9 children. My information is not necessarily accuurate - it is a secondary source.

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