Jacob Arney who died in Lincoln County, North Carolina, in 1784

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Jacob Arney, left behind his Will dated in 1782, the original Will, still exists today, and is held at the NCSA (North Carolina State Archives, in Raleigh, NC), unfortunately the upper 1/2-1/3 ink has faded over time, so the only information that can be gleaned from it, is his Wife's name at the time was Elizabeth.

This Jacob Arney was awarded 200 acres of land, in Tryon County, North Carolina, on the south side of the South Fork of the Catawba River, in 1772, Warrant issued in 1775.

This Jacob Arney, came from the area of York(town), York County, Pennsylvania, between 1761-1767.

Jacob Arney, is believed to have married Anna Ursula Kron, his first Wife, in Pennsylvania, and it's believed she died there, shortly after the birth of their 4th "known" child.

Christian "Christy" Arney, Sr. (1750-1834), Adam "Lawrence" Arney (1751-1802), Johann Heinrich "Henry" Arney, Sr. (1755-1830), and Anna Elisabeth Arney-Setzer/Setser (1761-1849), were all believed to have been born in the area of York(town), York County, Pennsylvania.

It's believed that Jacob Arney married his 2nd Wife, Elizabeth (surname/maiden name, unconfirmed), either shortly before they left Pennsylvania, or as they arrived in North Carolina.

Jacob Arney, had at least two "known" children, born in Tryon County, North Carolina, Peter Arney (1772-1845) and Catherine Arney-Edleman (1774-????).

The point of this discussion, is to try to solve the mystery of Jacob Arney.
We do NOT know, who his siblings were, who his parents were, where were they born, where was he born, etc.

[This Jacob Arney, for many decades, has been incorrectly "tied" to the family of Frederick Ernigh.
Frederick Ernigh, arrived in the United States of America, in 1732, along with his Wife, Anna Maria, and two children, one boy and one girl.
This Frederick Ernigh, did have a son named Jacob, and this Jacob had a Wife name Anna Barbara.
This family, lived in the areas of Colebrookdale Twp., in Berks County, PA, and Douglass Twp., in Philadelphia County, PA, and these two townships and counties were literally side by side. So, Frederick's ancestors lived in this general area.
Frederick's son, Jacob, died in 1776, leaving behind a Widow, Barbara, and an unborn son, Frederick, and Anna Barbara would soon remarry. This places Frederick Ernigh's son, Jacob, in Pennsylvania, and dying in Pennsylvania.
So, obviously, a dead Jacob Arney couldn't possibly go to North Carolina and die again, putting an end to this debate.]

With this knowledge, were are left searching for answers, if our Jacob Arney, was not "that Jacob Arney", then who was he?

Who were his parents, where were his parents born, who were his siblings, where were his siblings born, where was our Jacob born, etc.?

What are your thoughts, and suggestions about how we can go about finding the answers to these questions?
Thank you, for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.

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