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She was married to the King of England, she had a son Henry who became Henry II, King of England Coronation 28 Oct 1216 Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire, England Coronation 17 May 1220 Westminster Abbey, London, England
Henry was the father of King Edward I, "Longshanks" Titles
Earl of Chester (1254 cr) King of England (1272 - 1307)

Takes a second wife in 1299 and he is 60 and she is 18.
she gives him three babies in quick succession

The Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey was made for Edward in 1299.
Edward's left eyelid drooped slightly, which he inherited from his father Henry III. He also spoke with a slight stammer.
Edward was the most well-travelled king since Richard I, going on crusade (from 1270 to 1274) before he became king, and travelling through Italy on his way home.
Like many Plantagenet kings, Edward occasionally displayed a bad temper. He is said to have thrown his daughter Elizabeth's coronet into the fire at her wedding; the privy purse account read, "to make good a ruby and an emerald lost out of the coronet, when the King's grace was pleased to throw it behind the fire." At another wedding, he supposedly hit one of his squires on the head so severely that he paid L13 6s 8d in settlement.
Throughout his life, Edward was known for his luck. When he was a boy, he leaped up from a chess game with his knights; seconds later, a large stone fell from the ceiling, exactly where Edward had been sitting

Edward was the father of Edward II King of England. who married Isabel of France
Titles Earl of Chester (1301 cr) Prince of Wales (1301 cr) King of England (1307 - 1327)King of England from 1307, son of Edward I. Born at Caernarfon Castle, he was created the first Prince of Wales in 1301.
He was called Edward of Carnarvon after his birthplace in Wales.

Accession to English throne 8 Jul 1307 Coronation 25 FEB 1308 Westminster Abbey, London, Deposition from throne 20 Jan 1327

Ascended to the throne: 8 July1307 aged 23 years
Crowned: 25 February 1308 at Westminster Abbey
Married: Isabella, Daughter of Philip IV of France
Children: Two sons and two daughters
Abdicated: 24 January 1327
Died: 21 September 1327 at Berkeley Castle (murdered), aged 43 years
Buried at: Gloucester
Succeeded by: his son Edward III

King Edward was styled as, "Rex Angliae, Dominus Hiberniae, et Dux Aquitaniae."
Edward was crowned by Henry Merewell (or Woodlock), Bishop of Winchester.
One of Edward's hobbies was masonry and bricklaying.
According to many historians, Edward was probably homosexual. His preference for Piers Gaveston was one of the major scandals of his reign, and caused many problems with the nobility.
Murdered (probably by means of a hot poker inserted rectally).
Portrayed by Steven Waddington in the 1991 film, "Edward II."

Well, I could go on and on and on ... but it is worth exploring this line as I have.

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