Abraham Seevers Extension

Started by Shirley Barnhart on Wednesday, February 8, 2012


2/8/2012 at 5:53 PM

I have Found Mike Hall's "The Descendants Of Abraham Seevers" & David Seevers "All In The Family" I do see they have been conected on some sites.

I am Shirley Kay Seevers daughter of Hugh James Seevers & Shirley Marcellas Fridley Seevers. Grand daughthter Of John William & Maggie Mary Scholfield Seevers. Great Granddaughter of William James & Nancy Jane Shreeves Seevers.

I am NEW to this ancestry stuff. Thanks to these 2 gentlemen & I am sure many others. I find alot of the hard work has been done. Thank you!

What I would like to do is to update or add John & Maggie's lineage. Of the 5 childern I have information on 3. Hugh James, Nancy Jane (Janie) Seevers Francis, Sarah Lily (Pearl) Seevers Schwartz, Rex Seevers Kinser,I still have found much on my Uncle Gale Seevers.

How can I do so?

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