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2/8/2012 at 10:40 PM

It has always been historically and genealogically correct to use old place names for events that took place when those names applied. There is however an argument for using modern place names on Geni - this being that in time it may be possible to generate distribution maps etc. and Google Maps cannot work on a combination of old and modern place names. It would seem that the guideline is to use one or the other, not a combination of both. This means that where both names have been used one or the other needs to be removed - the preference is for the place name as it was at the time of the event to be used. It has been my habit to use both - e.g. Gwelo (Gweru) Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) - this will be problematic in any future mapping features and so the bracketed names probably need to be removed over time. So if you come across this format please remove the bracketed words - my apologies!

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2/8/2012 at 11:21 PM

I will go with as it used to be in the time of the persons life with an explanation somewhere as in the case of SA where place names have been changed and will go on changing due to political, war, etc.
An example. Pretoria was, before the outbreak of the ABO, a district of Rustenburg, as have been Licthenburg a republic on its own, stretched form the Eastern Transvaal through to parts in Natal. People with ample time can go to the Pretoria Archives and get a book there to read on SA Place names, towns and republics - sorry can't take it home.
The names of places and the changing are still being a political fight in SA. Pretoria again - it is Pretoria but the municipality are called Tswane Municipality. Very frustrating and difficult, but true. And so we can go on and on - nobody will know where in the world - or in Africa - some of these places are, e.g. Potchefstroom, Pietersburg, etc. With new very difficult to pronounced names at the moment, but everybody knows it is Arfica but the old names they know is in South Africa.
Sorry for being the one to drop this, but I do think we must let it be for the moment. It is the same in Germany, Franch, etc. I just typed in Lübeck in Europe and Google couldn't find it - on Legacy - but when I changed Europe to Gemany it immediately found it.
So I feel this will just cause us a hugh amount of work.
Sorry my friend. I hope nobody see this as being argumentative with my friend because it is not. Just in case someone do feel like agumenting I thought I would try and make an easy explanation of the issue, in SA context.

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2/8/2012 at 11:22 PM

Sorry June, yes as a project to explain these names, as in Zambië, Rhodesia, Suidwes Afrika, South Africa, I totally agree.

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2/8/2012 at 11:31 PM

It is correct to use the place names as they were at the time of the event - this doesn't have to be complicated - the documents tell you - that's all - the modern names don't come into it unless you are recording an event that takes place today - then you would need to use today's place name. We don't need to overcook this!

2/8/2012 at 11:32 PM

I agree.
It reminds me when a local in Namibia looked at my ID book noticing that I was born in Keetmanshoop, Suidwes-Afrika ( South West Africa)
He (having been a member of the terrorist/freedom movement SWAPO (Sout West African Peoples movement) asked me why I do not change the South West Africa to Namibia because the former does not exist anymore. I told him that I will do that the moment they change their name from SWAPO to NAMPO!

2/9/2012 at 12:18 AM

Sheish, SA must be one of the countries with the most contested histories on Geni at the moment, and here we sit trying to navigate through it. History is politics, cos the victor always gets to write it - or name the places!

I agree with y'all: =It is correct to use the place names as they were at the time of the event=
but don't understand how that solves the problem you raise of google mapping, June.
Surely your original solution of using both is best of all?

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2/9/2012 at 12:48 AM

OK Daan. That is good!!!!! Yes Sharon. Never a dull moment in our beloved country.
And yes, that still doesn't answer the question. It is the same with the Google Afrikaans translation - even though I am still pretty much alive, although daan has the tombstone photo to proff otherwise - draai ek in my graf om - i.e. June, I turn in my grave - everytime I just try and do it for interest sake.
May you all enjoy your Friday - 9th not 13th

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