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Sharron Happy Madigan
2/13/2012 at 11:12 AM

Thank you for your discussion Christine. Your question baffles me, considering you are the person who has been vandalising my profile, and on several occasions! I have obtained Geni's assistance in dealing with you and your question.I don't actually put personal information on here, that's all in the family tree I own. Would you like any of the photos, stories, personal information removed from that, Christine? When I return from my holiday in Europe I will then see if you and Geni have sorted out your issues. Again, thank you for your discussion. :)

Private User
2/13/2012 at 2:06 PM

Thank you finally for some response Sharron. I do not understand why you are baffled when I have made it quite clear that my information you have put up is incorrect. Missspelt, and inaccurate. Also I have asked on several occassions that you hand over control of my name and that of my children to which you have consistantly denied. in respect to vandalising.. all I have been doing is putting statements and comments on my own profile and that of yours because you choose to ignore my requests. and in essence is not vandalism it is a statement about you and your representation of me and my family on this tree... You have put personal information on here because under australian law a name is considered an identifier and as such identifies me as an individual and also identifies my family. you had my childrens profiles public. I dont understand what you mean by family tree you own.. because for what ever you own sharron it is not me or my childrens information. I have never waivered that right to my information. you have never asked how I feel or if I wished to participate. Me and my children not being on your tree does not affect it. When my children are adults it will be their choice if they wish to Join Grandma and Pa's family tree because really the tree should belong to either your mother or father because that is where it stems from. what photos are you talking about. I am not about asking about other peoples information .. simply my own immediate families. this includes myself, my husband and my children. so I have no idea what you are on about!!!! who cares if your going to europe. I will be dealing with Geni about this matter and really am interested in the outcome because Geni is an american site but I am an australian citizen and will be looking at legal issues under australian law not americans... will happily fill you in. But my question remains the same. Why can you not hand over the account that you created for me instead of holding a name place card for me which is what Geni suggests you do when creating a family tree. PS would love to see how it is that you (OWM) this tree and any of the rights associated with the individuals on it. esp the ones that are still alive???????

Private User
2/13/2012 at 2:10 PM

sorry Would love to see how it is that you (OWN) this tree and any rights associcated with the individuals on it. What proof do you have that you own all this information?

Private User
2/13/2012 at 2:18 PM

Oh and other question. Why is it your children are the only other people with access to this tree.

Sharron Happy Madigan
2/13/2012 at 2:21 PM

I don't care what you think, This service is provided by Geni, whether it is American or Australian. You have never asked for anything. You started changing my information without my permission. You never asked me to hand anything over to you. And that is a fact. I have responded to your questions many times. Where are those emails? You need to take this matter up with Geni and stop harassing me. I can't do anything they don't allow. And as far as what you have done, YOU have written in my "about me" as I was talking about myself, saying I am not very nice person. NOW that is the only wrong and illegal thing here. The tree I was referring to owning was MY family tree, that MY Grandmother wanted me to have.This "discusion" is over.

Private User
2/13/2012 at 3:23 PM

I have asked for control from you on numerous occassions. I have just gotten a letter back from legal department in NSW who have refferred me on to someone else. show me the responses??? The only reason I am harrassing and you know it is because I want access and control over mine and my familys files. there in this discussion I have asked for it now twice. The name you have for me has been created as a user and not as a place card. they are two different things. Yes I did write in your about me which now that I have an open dialogue I will discease with that. That has been the biggest issue with you that you do not respond. I have had no response from you what so ever. Gee saying your not a nice person and stating that you fail to ask people if they wish to be part of the tree is a fact. Thats right sharron your family tree... whether or not your grandmother wanted you to have it or not do you really think she would be happy knowing that your upsetting new generations with the tree... I dont care about your family or your family tree. but as far as im concerned it stops at richard for you .. esp without my permission. my children are under 13 and you made their profiles public. you added them without my consent and you have been inconsistant with the way you list children. not all the children have been listed have they now sharron and to top it off you went and added another one of my children to the tree after you KNEW I DID NOT WISH TO PARTAKE. So sit there and tell me that your being fair? wether or not my intentions were clear to you or not you know exactly who I am and you could have acknowledged my first request which was remove me and my children. you have since ignored the leave me and my family out of your family tree and you have now ignored twice in public that me or my children do not wish to be on the tree. so there ya go...discussion will be over when I get what I want ... and that is when it will end.

Private User
2/13/2012 at 3:27 PM

Oh and by the way Geni assume that all that is on here is done so in the best manner to suit everyone using it .. just because it has a section that says what is this information it does not mean it is not right to fill it out... You are an Australian and as such are governed by australian law. I consider this a breach of privacy. and where pretel did you obtain the information about me and richard and our children? where did you get your facts from. ?

Private User
2/13/2012 at 3:28 PM

Show me you "OWN" the individuals listed on here's information and the right to make it public.???

Private User
2/13/2012 at 3:33 PM


Private User
2/13/2012 at 3:53 PM

Under Australian law it is not possible to obtain information about individuals unless that information has been classified as historical. this means that publishing births, deaths or marriages pertaining to individuals that are not historical are considered by the australian government as private. I have asked you to reveal your scource of information pertaining to myself and my children as it is obvious you know about your own brothers birth. However there is no way possible that you could know the birth details of myself or my children and or my marriages or that of your brothers. except via hearsay information. so again I would like to ask what source are you using as a basis for mine and my childrens information who are still considered minors.

Sharron Happy Madigan
2/13/2012 at 5:11 PM

Christine, this is the last comment I will make on the subject. Don't ever threaten me again. If you have nothing productive to say or add to the family tree ,your contact with me is not welcome. Under Geni 'terms and conditions" THEY hide any information from any family tree, of children under 13 years of age. You can see those profiles because you are their mother and you are in the family. Do you understand that? You need to familiarise yourself with Geni properly. Others are not able to see them. And as I have said before, in an earlier email, I did NOT make this family tree, nor did my children.Have a nice day and Goodbye.

2/13/2012 at 5:15 PM

It looks like feelings have run too high to state this but it would be great if reconciliation were possible here as it seems you two must be related. Can i just point you to the Manager options in the 'Actions' link in the top right of the profile page. In Manager options you can add someone as a manager. If you are on each other's 'family group' you can share the tree as one tree between you i.e. not 'owned' by anyone and extend it together.

I might add that it sounds like one or both of you may have blocked the other and so not recieved the messages sent. This is possible on Geni. It could be this rather than someone refusing to respond.

I hope this at least sheds some light on your situation and with some hope helps to resolve the situation.

Sharron Happy Madigan
2/13/2012 at 5:21 PM

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your input. I have had no issues on here in the 3 years I have using Geni. It was set up by distant family member and they made me manager. Perhaps I should have declined? :) Anyway, Christine is my sister in-law, whom I have met once, many years ago. Just saying: for a person who wants to stay private, she is doing a good job of making it public. :)

Thanks again for your input.


Private User
2/14/2012 at 2:39 AM

Terry I understand what you are saying and that would be nice however I do not believe it is in sharron to share anything. I have asked for management over my own family's section of the tree. To date this has been denied. I requested removal of myself and my children as they are under the age of 13 and the one that is not is not my husbands biological child. to top it off the information about my children and my marriage is incorrect. These files were private and were made public at some point, which then has led to them being searchable on google which is how we found out about it. I have joined Geni because of this and not being able to communicate with her. I have attempted to get my point across that I am here now. Sharron has had no issues up until now because it was not searchable up until recently. Yes I am Sharron's sister in law and I have met with sharron twice once here in adelaide and once in Dubbo. There have been strained family relations between us and sharron for quiet some time. Also Sharron has upset others on the tree. eg mum and dad, her other siblings and quiet a few other relatives. Mum and Dad would like control of the family tree but with Sharron that is never going to happen. As to avoiding responses.. I have tried to get her attention in at least dealing with me with my requests. I then would also have the option to privatise my familys details. At this point in time sharrons childrens profiles are private.. and she has made my own childrens profiles private from me and wont allow me to make changes. why is it that she affords her own children the right to privacy but not to my children who hers are adults but mine are minors. Yes Sharron I have now taken this public I have written to geni and am still awaiting a response to my questions to do with all of the above. because of how protective I am of my minor children. I also believe that there are two ways to add to the tree. One is to make a name place card with initials and sir name and keeping it private. the other way is for those people to become members and take over the place card. If sharron was truly interested in this family tree then why would she not pass over manager of mine my husbands and my childrens files so that we can have that control. Instead there have been multiple additions as if they have added themselves and she will not share the information with anyone.So I guess we will leave it upto geni to determine what will be the right course of action to take. But I do appreciate your input. Again Sharron Give me control of mine and my husbands accounts and then maybe we will put on there what we are happy sharing. but whilst you dont share i will not accept putting my children on a website. with incorrect facts and details and their names missspelt. PS where are the other children of your brothers and sisters. is it because no one talks to you and you dont know and cant get the information off of facebook. or is it more selective in your doing it because you can and why add my last child after you knew I was not happy.

Private User
2/14/2012 at 2:50 AM

oh and isnt it funny that you have made your immediate family private .... and mine so I cant access it... if you had all good intentions sharron why do that...... which proves my point this is not about the family tree and all about Sharron Happy Madigan having control. it just shows sharron that you are the one being unreasonable and by privatising your details .... but not alowing access to those whos names are on here including that of my families.

2/14/2012 at 5:25 AM

It seems to me that you already have 'family group' access to each other's trees and this may be causing some confusion because of Geni's overall policy of creating a single world family tree. We all share our trees with our family. I have tried to access your trees as there is concern when minors are being listed as pubic profiles. I don't know these minors names so cannot guarantee that they are inaccessible however I suspect this to be the case because even as a curator I cannot access either of your trees because they are private. Sharron Happy Madigan, I think it would be reassuring to us all if you could please check that the minors are marked as 'private' and so out of immediate danger. Following this I cannot force the issue but were you to transfer management of these immediate family members to Christine I think it would diffuse a difficult situation. To do this go to 'Actions' in the top right of the profile page and select 'manager options'. This should then offer the option to transfer management or add a manager.
Private User, I think that if Sharron does as I suggest and as you have requested then there will be no justification for you to further edit her profile. It is puzzling that you are able to edit her profile and not your children unless it is because they are marked private because they are minors. This at least should reassure you that they are safe.

I hope that we can diffuse this unfortunate situation. I will leave you with something my grandmother used to say. "Never go to sleep on an argument" That is the best advice I can give anybody!

Private User
2/14/2012 at 5:51 AM

Hi Terry. Sharron has had them public then turned them private when i looked into them. this is what she does to ensure that she retains control. I am happy to open my tree I am trying to work out why i cant follow her but she can follow me . she has also removed tabs from her profile. As I am new to Geni it is difficult to catch up on sharrons 3 years. i am currently experimenting with my tree as I am unsure as to what it is that she can see if she is following me? i would be happy to manage only my husbands, myselfs and my childrens information. That is all I have asked the rights to. I would like the right to be the only one in control of those accounts. With that I am happy to display what I believe is appropriate considering my childrens ages. No they are not all marked as children my youngest terrifies me because he is so young and she is displaying his name. the only reason my tree so far is private is because of what Sharron has private she is slowly turning members on her tree to private .. for what reason I am unsure. I have already said to sharron I only edited her profile and my own and my childrens as to get her attention and once she opened dialouge with me that would stop and as such I did end that. However again she just wont relent. I would be happy to afford Sharron grilk the right to privacy of all other members on her tree if she hands over management of my husbands myself and my children.
which is all I have asked of her.

Private User
2/14/2012 at 6:14 AM

Terry I have a question in regards to google. How often do they update? My husband was furious to find that it was in the google search engine without his permission and now she is acting this way. We both understand that now his profile is private that with the next google update it wont have him in it, so just wanted to clarify when the next update is due. could you also explain a private tree and a public tree and how to change that. I only have my immediate family and my husbands parents on mine hence if I understand correctly is why my tree is private. Once I get outside my immediate family then I understand it will become public. I really do need to understand why it is that sharron can follow me but I cant follow her?

Private User
2/14/2012 at 6:25 AM

it seems as though she has disconnected me from the family so i can not follow her or see her tabs.

Private User
2/14/2012 at 10:06 AM

Sharron - if you enter Christine's e-mail address in the e-mail field on your copy of her Profile, Geni will send her an invite to it, and she will then control it (and can merge it with the copy she created of her profile).
As I understand it, this is what Geni recommends be done!!

For an overview of Geni's advice/directions when someone finds a copy of themselves on Geni:

As I look now, you are connected to the Big Tree, she is not.
Is Christine correct that you disconnected her?

2/14/2012 at 10:24 AM

Customer Service has contacted Christine and Sharron so we can work on a resolution to this issue.

2/14/2012 at 11:23 AM

I'm afraid I cannot answer questions about Google as I don't know.
Your tree is considered immediate family on Geni up to the 4th generation. You mark a profile as private or public when in 'edit' either from the tree view at the bottom of each node or in profile view from 'edit' on the right of the profile under 'view tree' which is under 'contact manager'.

I hope this helps and that Geni Customer Service can deal with the problem more thoroughly than I am able to. Good luck to you both.

Private User
2/14/2012 at 1:47 PM

thank you very much for your help terry

2/14/2012 at 4:53 PM

No Problem that's part of the purpose of the curator's role as I see it.

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