Mats Håkan Nilsson - Relatives to Gustaf Bloom

Started by Mats Håkan Nilsson on Monday, February 13, 2012


2/13/2012 at 2:22 PM

I´m born and live i Halmstad Sweden and I´m 51 years old. The main thing with my genealogy is to find relatives i the US, which my family never had met and never have search for until now. Background: My grandmother Anna Larsson and Gustaf Bloom was together in 1924 in Sweden and in dec 1924 Gustaf went from Sweden to Providence R.I. without knowing that Anna was pregnant with my mother Inga. We have a couple of letters sent from Gustaf, which says he is taking full responsiility and that he would send money or a ticket. Annas parents forbidden her after 1 year to respond his letters and after a couple of year Gustafs letter stoped coming. We now know that he married another Anna in Providence and that they had a son, Bertil Bloom, in 1936. We also know that Bertil had a daughter in 1962 or 1963 named Pamela. We have an adress but we don´t know if he lived there when Pamela was born or if it was later (13152 Marshall Lane, Tustin CA 92680). We also know that Bertil was married twice and that one of his wifes was Millie Bloom, but we are not sure if she is mother to Pamela. We think that Pamela also lived in California, but we are not 100% sure.

My highest wish is to get in contact with Bertil (if he is alive) or Pamela. If anyone can help me with adresses (post and E-mail) I would be grateful.

Other names from the US that I found in my reserach is: Ernst Bloom born 1903, brother to Gustaf, and his daugther Margit Bloom Craddock Sigrid Roberts born 1907, sister to Gustaf.

Maybe one of there relatives has information of Bertil and Pamela.

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