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Since 1991, Yayasan Keluarga Halim ( The Lim's Surname families ) in Batam Island Indonesia establized.
Now, the 11th New elected commite for Periode of 2011-2013 start running this Lim's families organization to make it all become better.

Our email is "" and Facebook id is "Marga Lim Batam", we welcome you to contact us in any condition specially for anyone who has a surname "Lim" because we believe and understand that we are a big family and we are spread in every corner of the world, we also understand if we can stand together, we can share, we also can told many sotries etc. ......

Please kindly invite us to contact you , too ....... and happily to info all of you, with our own capabililties nearby we will start to build our acentor palace at Batam, all necessary prepaired already .... we plan to build a "Ma Tzu/Ku ma" statue in the front of the palace ...... we hope everyone of you also give us a special pray specially who visit the "Ma Tzu bio" please pray for us ...... we will be very appreciated.

Hope in the coming month this palace can be visited by any one also you wherener you are .... ok.

The Chairman of the Commitee of Lim's Families at Batam, Mr. Lim Gek Cun and the secretary mr. Lim Koe Heng also will welcome you to Batam ........ TQ and blessed for all of us !

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