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Started by Sundee Strother on Friday, February 17, 2012


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2/17/2012 at 12:14 AM

Hello I believe my ancestor was the wife on this Louis Manierre. According to 1930 US Census records it shows a Louis Manierre born abt 1880 and showed his age at last birthday to be 50 was the head of his household at 470 East Chestnut street, residing with his wife Doris A Manierre age at last birthday to be 25. I believe Doris to be the sister of my husband's grandfather. This record states that her country of birth was New Zealand. Also listed on Ancestry.co.uk is a death notice of a Doris Lansdowne Manierre born abt 1904 and died Oct 1992 in Worthing West Sussex in England. This unusual first name combination fits my ancestor exactly. This census record also states Louis Manierre was a broker in real estate which fits your family history. Do you know of any information concerning a marriage to Doris Lansdowne - last name Shaw or Akerman to your Louis Manierre. I presume this may not have been his first marriage because of the huge age difference. Would appreciate any titbit of information.

Regards, Sundee Strother

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