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My grandfather's name was Miaka Sapranauskas. Miaka had a brother, Francis (Frank) and a sister, Antonia (Antonina ?) Sapranauskas Cizunas. My father, Peter Julius shortened his name to Safran when he entered school. He had a sister, Monica, and brothers Joseph, Victor, Mathiasis (Mathew), Paulos (Paul), and Jonas (John). Mathew,Paul, and John all died as infants.
Miaka came to America about 1907 and in 1908 married Pauline (Saltis) Bulivene. Pauline had been married to ? Bulivene and she left behind a child, Julius. We believe Julius father was a soldier and was killed. Pauline left Julius with his father's parents and was going to send for her son once in America. When she contacted the Bulivenes, they would not send Julius. I would like to know more about what happened to Julius and also if Miaka Sapranauskas had other siblings who stayed in Lithuania. I don't know the names of Miaka's parents but his father's name may have Mikalus.

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