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Started by Vladimir Gurianov-Edelstein on Sunday, February 19, 2012


2/19/2012 at 7:09 AM

Edelstein DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

The goal of the project - to clarify who among Edelstein are relatives, and who are namesakes.

Surname Edelstein (Эдельштейн, עדעלסטעין) has a double root and translated from German (or consonant with the Yiddish language) as a noble or precious (edel) stone (stein).

Her first owners were immigrants from Eastern Europe - Ashkenazi (the so-called Eastern European Jews). Ashkenazim constitute the vast majority of the Jewish population of Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kurland, Bessarabia and the Kingdom of Poland.

Hereditary surnames in that time was not. Each had only his name, to which the official documents could be added the name of the father. In addition, the name is being specified the birthplace of man, the name of his mother or wife. It existed only one generation and not hereditary.

In the early 19 th century the Jews were obliged to acquire the names of any of the tax authorities or to the census, or for military service. In some countries, Jews restricted in the choice of names, names of officials embezzled.

Today is a common surname Edelstein, its carriers live in different countries (USA, Canada, Israel, Russia). Are all the modern Edelstein combine family ties?


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