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Started by george campbell on Monday, April 16, 2012


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4/16/2012 at 6:21 AM

Does anyone have any information about William Campbell apprentice joiner and a member of the guarantee group who was lost on the Titanic

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4/16/2012 at 6:36 AM

Hello George

At this stage we haven't managed to find out very much. Do you have a connection to him, or more information that would help expand his tree?

One of the things that the Geni team want to do is to expand as many of the Titanic profiles as possible, and it is heartening to hear from people with connections to them, especially when they want to add information.

We can help in due course, and any information you can add to his profile would be of enormous assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can help!


4/16/2012 at 7:05 AM

Hi June,
Many thanks for your quick response,all i know is from members of my family that we had a relative on the ship,my Grandfather was a master plater in the shipyard and we where always told as youngsters that his brother died at sea[my Grandfather worked on the Titanic] i`m sorry but that is all i have i know it`s not much sorry


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4/16/2012 at 7:09 AM

We will see what we can do! But be patient! What was your grandfather's name?

4/17/2012 at 1:50 AM

Morning June,
My Grandfathers name was John Campbell and he worked in Harland & Wolfe as a master plater and he worked on all the White Star liners,he had 4 brothers[i think]all of which also worked in the ship yard. I will get more info to you shortly.
Thanks for researching this


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4/17/2012 at 2:49 AM

Private User FYI - I will have an initial look and report back here!

Thanks George - we will have a look in due course.

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4/17/2012 at 3:11 AM

Initial search found nothing - we need more information George! Private User maybe you have better irish resources?

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4/17/2012 at 4:45 AM

@George I will see what I can do , records for Northern Ireland are scares but we should be able to find some information about his family from before 1912.

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4/17/2012 at 5:04 AM

Found the parents and sibling
See tree : William Henry Campbell

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