Jesse Caton, Jr. - mixed up children?

Started by Dan Cornett on Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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4/18/2012 at 1:11 PM

It looks to me that there are two famlies' children mixed here.

Here is one reference:

which cites:

------------------------- Esther Sparks, daughter of Jonas Sparks, was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, on March 20, 1770. She was married in Rowan County, North Carolina, in 1787 to Jesse Caton (the Rowan County marriage bond is dated January 20, 1787). Jesse Caton was born April 20, 1762; he was the son of Jonas Caton and was doubtless a close relative of the Anna Caton who married Jonas Sparks, Jr., brother of Esther. They settled near Marthasville, Warren County, Missouri, in 1811. They were the parents of the following children: Noah Caton, married a Miss McDermid. Jonas Caton. Jesse Caton, Jr., married Missouri Lamme, daughter of William T. and Frances (Callaway) Lamme. Elizabeth Caton, born August 16, 1790, died September 20, 1821; married February 22, 1809, John Boone Callaway, son of Flanders and Jemima (Boone) Callaway, and grandson of Daniel Boone. They had children named Emaline Callaway, Verlinia Callaway, James Callaway, and Octavia Callaway. Nancy Caton, married Adam Zumwalt. Jemima Mahala Caton, married John Carter. Rebecca Caton, married McCutchen. Fannie Caton, married Daniel Gillis. Hester Caton, married H. C. Lynn.


I'm in the process of sorting out that Sparks side at the moment...

6/1/2012 at 6:07 PM

Jessie Caton, my 4th great grandfather, was born in 1762 in St. John's Parish, Prince George's CO, MD. Jessie was the s/o Charles Caton and Jemina Summers. Charles Caton was the s/o John Caton (b abt 1703 in MD) and Elizabeth (prob. Moore). Children of Jesse Caton and Esther Sparks are:
Noah Caton, married 1st to his 1st cousin Jemima Leah Caton and 2nd to Frances McDermid
Frances Caton, married Daniel Gillis
Elizabeth Ann Caton, married John Boone Callaway
Nancy Elizabeth Caton, married Adam Zumwalt
Jemima Mahala Caton, married John B Carter
Jonas Sparks Caton, married Ora Clark
Jesse Caton Jr, married Missouri Lamme
Mahala M Caton, married John B Carter after the death of her sister Jemima Mahala Caton Carter
Rebecca Ann Caton, married 1st John G McCutchen, 2nd David Howard, 3rd William Menefee
Amanda Caton, married Thomas H Campbell
Hester Ann Caton, married Hines C Linn/Lynn

In your above quote from the Sparks family org., it is definately incorrect that Jesse Caton was the son of Jonas Caton.

The 'close relative of Anna Caton who married Jonas Sparks, Jr' refers to Anna Decatur Caton, d/o Charles Caton & Jemina Summers and she was also the sister of Jesse Caton who married Esther Sparks. Anna Decatur Caton 1st married Jonas Sparks, Jr, had 3 children with him, and after his death she married James Orrell, Sr.

My direct Caton line is:

John Caton and Elizabeth Moore
Charles Caton and Jemina Summers
Jesse Caton, Sr and Esther Sparks
Noah Caton and Frances McDermid
Christopher Pittman Caton and Emily Finney
Howell Lewis Caton and Hester Virginia Wilson
John Emerson Caton and Jessie May Wilson
Russell Wilson Caton and Eunice T Westerman

Charles Caton was in the Revolutionary War, and moved with his family from MD to Rowan CO, NC by 1790. His son Jesse, born in MD, moved with Charles to NC, then Jesse moved to KY, then to MO. My Caton line was all in MO from Noah Caton to my father Russell Caton who moved to Kansas.

Julie Caton Spencer

6/1/2012 at 7:51 PM

Hi, Julie! Thanks for jumping in on this.

As I was looking through the online references, I began to wonder if there weren't two different "Jesse / Jessie" Caton's from different parts of the U.S.

Do you have "uploadable" sources to document these connections you've outlined? So far I've not really seen good sources referenced -- just family 'tradition" and postings of "family trees" ... with little in the way of citations.

I'd be glad to help you out with this as best I can -- I have no close family ties nor any "sources" in particular.

(I'll send you more in a private message.)

8/23/2012 at 1:34 PM

Now that the parents of Jesse are clarified, let's deal with the children.
Julie Spencer - you stated above that Noah married 1st his 1st cousin Jemima Leah Caton.

I haven't identified where she fits on the tree ... do you have any more information about her (particularly parents)? As Noah's 1st cousin, she should connect in somewhere!

8/23/2012 at 3:05 PM

Jemima Leah Caton was the daughter of George Dent Caton and Nancy Hurley. She was born 29 Sep 1792 and not sure if she was born in NC or KY. Jemima died 18 Dec 1865 in Vernon CO, MO. Noah and Jemima married on 20 Oct 1808 in Mercer CO, KY. Their daughter Lurenda Sally Caton was born 3 Jan 1803. I have not yet found a divorce record for Noah and Jemima. There is a Lourinda S Caton who married Nelson Prewitt on 3 Feb 1824 in Mercer CO, KY. No proof as yet that this person is the same Lurenda Sally Caton who was the daughter of Noah and Jemima but I believe there is a good chance they are one and the same.

8/24/2012 at 9:33 AM

daughter Lurenda born 5 years before Noah & Jemima-Leah married? Jemima would have only been 10 yrs and Noah 13 at that point.

8/24/2012 at 9:34 AM

Check the Timeline tab on the profiles -- that is a very useful view.

8/25/2012 at 4:33 AM

Yikes, my typing is not always the best. Lurenda Sally Caton born in 1809, not 1803. Jemima and Noah not quite THAT young when Lurenda was born.

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