Elizabeth Hood (Hollinger) - Frank j Hood aka Marvin j Parrish

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4/29/2012 at 2:01 PM

my name is martha c hood was born in Gorgia in 1971 to Frank Hood and Francis c Hood aka Francis saylor. they met in new mexico in 1971 he worked at a gas station she worked at a motel they moved to gorgia had me then back to new mexico had a boy named john f Hood . then moved to florida for a time then colorodo had a boy named baby boy blue may not have been Franks child. my mother had eight other children before my birth my sister remembers Frank as going by the name Marvin Parrish then coming home one day and she was told to call him Frank Hood or would be introuble , my mom said it was becouse he was wanted and used the name marvin parrish for a while. he may have been married alredy when they met and at one time tryed to kidnap his wifes daughter could have been around 1969-1973 they moved to north carolina worked on a farm then he disaperd

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