Alfred Peyton Luckett & Alfred Daingerfield Luckett of 1801 of Loudon, Virginia

Started by Dan Cornett on Friday, May 25, 2012


5/25/2012 at 5:15 AM

I have been finding numerous online references to Alfred Peyton Luckett (b. 1801, Loudon, VA) as well as Alfred Daingerfield Luckett, also b. 1801, Loudon, VA.

There is also an Alfred D. Luckett of 1806, born in VA.

Oh, and various online references also have them married to very similar, but not identical, wives: Susan Evaline Hobbs vs. Susanna (or Susan) Elizabeth Hobbs. The 1806 A.D. Luckett is at least married to Martha M. Lumsden.

There are also references to an Alfred Peyton Luckett, b 1838; clearly a different person.

I'm wondering if there are some reliable Sources to help sort out the confusion.

The Geni profiles are not helpful yet, because they appear to have been uploads from the various conflicting "references" and do not have "About" or "Source" information which is consistent with various names and relationships.

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