Charles Emilius Hendrik de Cheusses - Looking for ancestor's father - Henri du Chessey

Started by Carole Kirkconnell on Saturday, June 9, 2012


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6/9/2012 at 7:47 PM

I think I am looking for a needle in a haystack – but with genealogy, we sometimes have to think outside the box!

In about 1791, Elizabeth Sara Parsons, the daughter of one of the early settlers in Grand Cayman had a baby girl who she named Sara. Her father has always been a mystery to everyone. The only information handed down is his name - Henri du Chessey, and that he was a Frenchman.

Some years ago, I was looking for the names of the English people that moved from Suriname to Jamaica when the Dutch traded Suriname for New York, and I saw that there were two governors of Suriname with the name Henri Du Cheusses. That is remarkably close to the name that has been handed down as Sara’s father. So, I am wondering if either of the governors had any sons (possibly out of wedlock), who could have been our missing Henri du Chessey – the father of Sara.

In the 1700s, the route for sailing ships returning to Europe from Suriname was Barbados, Jamaica (Kingston and / or Black River) and then Grand Cayman. Many ships stopped at Grand Cayman to top up with water and turtle meat before their long trip home. After Grand Cayman, the ships would go through the Yucatan Channel, pick up the Gulf Stream which is one of strongest currents in the world. The Gulf Stream would take them through the Strait of Florida, up the Eastern U.S. coastline where they would pick up the Gulf Stream’s northern extension etc. etc.

I note from a website that the two governors’ father, Vincent Gideon, had two more sons. Frederick, who was the eldest, and the youngest, name unknown, was a Hanoverian colonel. Perhaps the du Cheusses family owned property in Suriname and other family members found it necessary to sail out to Suriname.

I posted some of the above information on a website - and in late 2009, Mr. Rudolph von Bitter very kindly replied. Unfortunately at that time my husband was very ill and I was not able to reply to him until very much later. I don’t believe he had any additional information because I did not hear from him again.

Mr. Bitter came across my post when he was looking for Charles Aemilius Henry de Cheusses, son of Vincent Gidéon de Cheusses and father of Henriette Baldine Marie Henry de Cheusses (1734-1763, who married a German). His mother’s aunt was a descendant of Charles Emilius Henry du Cheusses – 1728-1734.

If you have any comments on the above, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Carole Kirkconnell

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6/14/2012 at 3:23 AM

To get some idea Where·When·&·How we have to search for them in Geni or can help you by adding profiles form Dutch -digital- files or archives I made some sort of alfabetical list to get an overview first. Please look if I did not make mistakes in understanding you very clear and nice story:
x : stands for lifedata I can not see in your story.

* Elizabeth Sara PARSONS · Suriname-Grand Cayman x ·
* Sara PARSONS - baby of ESP & father officially unknown - born c.1791-x -
* Henri du CHESSEY · x · FR-where when
* Henri du CHEUSSES I · x · Governor of Suriname -
* Henri du CHEUSSES II · x · Governor of Suriname -
* Vincent Gideon du CHEUSSES · ·
* Frederick du CHEUSSES · x · eldest son VGdC. -
* Xyz du CHEUSSES · x · youngest son VGdC · Hanoverian colonel
* Rudolph von BITTER · ·
* Charles Aemilius Henry de CHEUSSES · · son of VGdC · father of CEHdC ·
* Charles Emilius Henry du CHEUSSES · 1728-1734 · ·
* Henriette Baldine Marie Henry de CHEUSSES · 1734-1763 · & a German, who's mother’s aunt was a descendant of CEHdC · 1728-1734 ·
* others to be mentioned perhaps...?

x : stands for lifedata I can not see in your story. I added some myself from wikipedia or elsewhere

Some remarks spontaneously
* In Dutch~French some words-names are familiar like"
> Charles = Karel =
> Aemilius = Emilius
> Henry = Hendrik =

Via MISSCHIEN iets gevonden:

Eenige bijzonderheden omtrent Mevrouw Audra en haar zoon / C.K. Kesler
auteur Kesler, C.K.
jaar van uitgave 1946
in West-Indische Gids (1946), pag. 33-38
toelichting Achtereenvolgens gehuwd met de Gouverneur van Suriname H. Temminck, diens opvolgers Ch.E.H. de Cheusses en Joan Raye, en de predikanten A. Audra en B.L. Duvoisin. Leidster van de oppositie tegen de opvolger van Joan Raye, Gouverneur Mauricius. Overl. 1753
bron Repertorium Geschiedenis Nederland (ING)

groeten van jeannette uit holland, europe.

ps. later I will have a look at it again, ok?

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