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Started by Sharon Lee Doubell on Monday, June 25, 2012
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Alternative data from Merges. If you have sources can you check which is correct & let us know?
* Name: Madeleine Mouton, b4 OR Magdelena
*Birth: circa 1692 OR c 1688
*Birth Location: Nederland, Middelburg OR Steenwerck, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

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6/25/2012 at 7:58 AM

SAG has no birthdate -
b4 Madeleine born Middelberg Nederland married 12 5 1709 Abraham de Clerq

See First Fifty Years where she is either Madeleine or Magdalena and birthdate 1692 Nederland Middelburg.

Madeleine Mouton
F, #5093, b. 1692
Father* Jacques Mouton b. c 1660, d. 1731
Mother* Marie de Villiers b. c 1673, d. b 20 Jul 1699

NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732 NGK Drakenstein Baptisms 1694-1732
Relationship 7th great-grandmother of Delia Robertson.
Birth* Madeleine Mouton was born in 1692 at Middelburg, Netherlands.1,2
Marriage* She married Abraham le Clercq, son of Pierre le Clercq and Sara Couchet, on 12 May 1709 at Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Stellenbosch, de Caep de Goede Hoop.3,4
Arrival On 20 July 1699, Madeleine Mouton, Marie Mouton and Marguerite Mouton arrived at the Cape from Middelburg, Zeeland, on board the Donkervliet with Jacques Mouton and her sisters Marie Mouton and Marguerite Mouton.1
NameRecord 3 August 1710, the name of Madeleine Mouton was written in the record as Magdalena Moùton.5
NameRecord 14 August 1712, the name of Madeleine Mouton was written in the record as Magdalena.6
NameRecord 11 November 1714, the name of Madeleine Mouton was written in the record as Magdalena Mitton.7
Baptism She and Abraham de Klerk witnessed the baptism of Sara Gaus on 16 November 1727 at Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk, Drakenstein, de Caep de Goede Hoop.8
Abraham le Clercq b. 7 May 1670
Sara de Klerk+9 b. b 3 Aug 1710
Maria de Klerk9 b. b 14 Aug 1712
Pieter de Clercq10 b. 11 Nov 1714
Barend de Klerk+ b. b 8 Nov 1716
Abraham de Clercq9 b. b 26 Jul 1721
Jacob de Klerk11 b. b 17 Oct 1723
Joseph de Klerk+9 b. b 25 Aug 1726
Johannes de Klerk12 b. b 5 Dec 1728
Anna de Klerk12 b. c 1729
Cornelis de Klerk12 b. b 8 Jan 1732
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Thanks June - you're a star! I've added that to the profile's About me.

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