von Stackelberg manors in Estonia

Started by Auriol Marion Gabrielle Olga Park on Sunday, July 8, 2012


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7/8/2012 at 2:46 PM

From Anne Menert: I am interested in the history of Estonian manors and their owners as I spent my childhood holidays in one. One of may favourite manor houses in Estonia is Taagepera Castle http://www.taagepera.eu/en/the-hotel/history/, which from 1674 to1806 belonged to Otto von Stackelberg. This house was designed by the architect Otto Wildau (1873-1972), who also designed the manor house, Läänemaa at Illuste; where I spent all my summers from 1966 to1975. Recently I visited Vääna Mõisakool (in the manor house of Fahna) and added photos to www.geni from the school website, http://www.vaanakool.edu.ee/wp/ , as well as those photos that are available in the Estonian national archives at http://www.ra.ee/fotis/.

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