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I'm very glad to see that other family members taking interest in compiling our family tree. It's unfortunate my grand parents didn't take interest in preserving our roots on records. As down below details, I obtained notes from Mr Shanmugarajah whose currently living in Australia. As he mentioned that our ancestry start from (Gangathara Muthali) who was from the southern part of India (Kerela), and migrated to the northern part of sri lanka in the earlier to mid part of colonization period, and eventually settling down in kondavil

Kangathara Mudaliar + Ulagathai
>Ramanatha Mudaliar
> Kanapathiar or Kandapu + Meenhaire
> Kanapathiar + Valliyeammai
> Markandar (1856-1939) + Annamuthu (1860's)

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