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Started by Jeremy Hanson on Wednesday, July 11, 2012


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7/11/2012 at 4:04 PM

While tracing my lineage through the males and hitting a dead end at Hans Mikelsen (michelsen sp?), I finally found this page, but the dates do not mesh. Neils Hansen, 1828-1915 to Hans Mikelsen 1796?-???? and Michel Hansen 1632-1665... According to this lineage, Hans' father died 30 years before his birth.

There is another Hanson(Hansen) family with similar names who immigrated near the same time and there is loads of information for their line. Perhaps some information was transposed?

7/11/2012 at 6:51 PM

There are probably several thousand Hansen families emigrating from from Norway and Denmark, and even more if you want to count the swedish Hansons.

Niels, Hans and Michael are very common names in these countries, so you can't say there is another Hansen family with similar names, since there are probably several hundred Hansen families with these names.

You need to know which country they came from, when they immigrated to the US, and preferably where they came from in their home country. Also you would need to know their birthdate, who they married and preferably who their parents were.

Hansen is a very common name in the nordic countries. If you want to have a possibility to know where they came from, you need to know as much as possible from US side, that is is the only way to have a possibility to trace such a common name as Hansen.

You also should know about how names were written in Norway, Denmark and Sweden at the time of their immigration. These countries didn't have permanent lastname before 1880, they used patronymicons, and you should also know something about this.

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7/11/2012 at 10:53 PM

You are right, - someone have created a total mix of several families by merging several different Michel Hansen into Michel Hansen, even from different countries..

Hansen is NOT a family name, so you cannot merge profiles together just because you have a name match.

Before 18-1900 Hanses did only mean "The son of Hans".

7/12/2012 at 11:20 AM

This is a bit over average stupid done.... what can be done to correct it?
This Michel Hansen... (or one of these), is my 8 great grandfather.

7/12/2012 at 3:00 PM

I have a letter written June 3, 1953 by Samuel Hanson, son of Neils Hansen (Changed to Hanson upon arriving to America). He gives his grandfathers name as Hans Mikelsen (as Samuel spelled it) and says his father immigrated to America in or around 1853 at age 24. Some details were given about Hans excluding date of birth and death.

I came on this site using clues from that letter tracing from Neils, through Hans Mikelsen to this person Michel.

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