Why is my Immediate Family Public?

Started by Private User on Thursday, September 6, 2012


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Private User
9/6/2012 at 11:28 PM


I have invited nearly 200 relatives to see my family tree on Geni, and one of them asked why their immidiate family was always posted publicly once they had joined the site.

For example, even though I have everything set to private, you can see my immediate family listed right here - Private User

And you can see it, even from a browser in which you aren't logged into Geni!

Why is that? How do I disable that?



9/7/2012 at 1:19 AM

Private User
This link lists all profiles added by you:
There at the right side from each one you can change status Pivate/Public.
Please change your living ones Private (and please enter to under 13 years old children at least birth year - Geni will set additional privacy protection then). Please leave your deceased ancestors Public...

9/7/2012 at 1:21 AM

For just Immediate Family use this link: http://www.geni.com/list?fgroup=immediate_family

(NB! you can't change status of claimed users)

Private User
9/7/2012 at 1:42 AM

As far as I can see your family is not public profiles, but user-profiles is more visible.

What most people forget is that Geni does not use static pages, so whatever you see depends on your own access.

People Google their own name and when clicking a Geni link they get surprised that they get the full details. What they forget is that they see these details because they are logged in on Geni with full family access to see the details.

Log out and try again.. then you will see what people not logged in on Geni and within your family see (most likely they cannot see anything).

9/7/2012 at 7:37 AM

To clarify: You are not required to make profiles of deceased people public. You can choose to keep those private as well if you'd like.

Stephen's profile is public because he has "claimed" his profile and is an actual user of the site. He (and any other user you've invited) can choose to make all or some of his profile private by going to http://www.geni.com/account_settings/profile_privacy and adjusting the settings there.

Private User
9/7/2012 at 10:53 AM

Hi Private User,

It looks like your relatives have claimed their profiles, therefore they will need to login to their accounts to adjust their own profile privacy settings here http://www.geni.com/account_settings/profile_privacy

Also, they may update their permission settings if they don't want to be found on Google here http://www.geni.com/account_settings/permissions

Private User
9/7/2012 at 3:30 PM

Stephen - to majorly limit what is seen - try unclicking "Let the public search for me (profile privacy settings apply)" [in Account Settings, Permissions] - then check and see if this is what you were expecting in the way of privacy. If so - let your relatives know about that setting as well!!

It prevents you from coming up in a Google-search AND limits whatgeni-users see when clicking on here, what Pro geni-users see after doing a Geni-Search on your name AND - least intuitive, at least to me, limits what Pro Geni-Users can see after doing a Geni-Search on unclaimed Profiles you manage (and, I think, what shows if they are part of suggested or pending merge).

Private User
9/7/2012 at 7:10 PM

"It looks like your relatives have claimed their profiles, therefore they will need to login to their accounts to adjust their own profile privacy settings here http://www.geni.com/account_settings/profile_privacy "

Yes, I have marked everything as private, but when you view my page from a not logged in Geni browser, you can still see my immidiate family here.

I know how to mark profiles as private, that's not what I'm asking about. I am saying for all people who are Geni users. Everyone in the world including Google can see their immidiate family without even making an account on Geni.

Why is that?

Load this page from a browser you are not logged into Geni with to see what i'm talking about - Private User

Private User
9/7/2012 at 7:19 PM

So, to proove my point, I just made a Test sibling for myself. Instantly, his name shows up here, worldwide, and publicly searchable, even though everything in my profile is marked as private!!!!

Private User

Is this a new Geni requirement? All siblings, parents, children, spouses and former spouses are permanently visible to the world? I do not appreciate this change, because the only solution is for me to tell my relatives to close their Geni accounts, so they can go back to being marked as private.

Why on earth would this be a new Geni feature? Please fix this ASAP.


9/8/2012 at 3:59 AM

Load up Bjørns or Lois profiles while logged off ;)

Private User
9/8/2012 at 2:26 PM

Alright, so under Permissions "Let the public search for me" did it. That is a horrible name to give to a setting that makes your immidiate family public to the world. Not to mention I had always assumed that meant, "Let them search for me ON GENI" which is something I want people to be able to do.

1.) That should not be on by default for all new profiles. Why are you forcing people to "opt in" to sharing their immidiate family with the world??

2.) Move that from permissions to the Privacy tab, as it's WAAAY more of a concern that something like "make my photo public" or anything else in the privacy menu

3.) Separate from this issue, you still have not addressed the "new profiles default to public" problem, and so I have many collaborators who are not computer savvy who are inadvertently posting huge chucks of their family as public. The solution to this problem is make a one click button to set a person's living "fourth cousins and closer" all private in one click.

Please make a tool for #3 that is easy to use by someone who is not computer savvy.

Also please fix the "profiles default to public when added" problem.

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