Doonan Family Bronx NY- LeitrimCo

Started by Michael Doonan on Wednesday, October 31, 2012


10/31/2012 at 12:41 PM

trying to find info and make connections.
father: Ric Doonan B.1928 NY
granmother: Rose M.Doonan b.1907 Bronx NY
her mother: Bridget (Nellie)Reynolds Doonan b. 1880 Bronx NY
father: Frank(Francis)Doonan B.1830 Leitrim Ireland
mother:Julia Elwood b.1838 Ireland
children:Anne Doonan b.1862
Mary F.Reynolds b.1867
John Joseph Reynolds b.1868
William F. Reynolds b.1872
James J. Reynolds b.1877
Julia Reynolds b.1881 m.John F. Flynn
their children:Ellwood Flynn b.1904
Charles Flynn b.1906
Edward Flynn b.1908
Julia Flynn b. 1912
her father:Francis Joseph Doonan b.1879 NY m.1908
father: James Frank Doonan b.1843 Leitrim Ireland
mother: Elizabeth Fance b. 1853 NY
her sister: Frances H.Doonan b.1916 m.Otto L. Walter b.1907

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