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Started by Chuck Schoenfeld on Thursday, November 1, 2012


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11/1/2012 at 6:26 AM

What good is Geni Pro if I can't fix mistakes entered by family members???

I had a family member add a duplicate of her brother and somehow added him as husband to the original profile. The brother then took ownership of the new profile. So now he's married to himself. Geni won't let me merge a "husband".

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11/1/2012 at 6:50 AM

If you have edit access to one of the profiles you have to cut the marriage connection first.

You do that in the Relationship tab under edit profile. Patience: let it spin a while before you get that option.

11/1/2012 at 7:14 AM

Thanks, he's no longer married to himself, but I can't delete the duplicate record or merge the two without his assitance since he's taken ownership of the duplicate record

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11/1/2012 at 8:44 AM

Then it is his "problem", - just send him instructions on how to delete it.

Merging something into a user profile is not easy either, - it is only the user him/herself that can do that.

11/1/2012 at 12:58 PM

So...aside from getting back features they took away from the free version, what are the benefits of Pro?

11/1/2012 at 5:52 PM

Chuck Schoenfeld, it sounds like the difficulty you are encountering is because your family member "claimed" the profile that you are trying to merge. You cannot delete a profile that has been claimed because that is someone's account on the site. You can open a ticket at the help link below and someone in Customer Service can help you.

11/1/2012 at 6:27 PM

Chuck instead of trying to delete the "duplicate" (which is actually now a claimed profile) why not just delete the original that you created?

You should still be a manager of that original profile so deleting it shouldn't be a problem for you.

11/2/2012 at 5:13 AM

I could delete the profile I creataed, but there is so many things wrong with the other one. You know how it is when older relatives with limited computer skills try to help :)

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11/2/2012 at 5:23 AM

If he is a family group member he could temporary open up for family to edit his profile here: http://www.geni.com/account_settings/permissions.

That would give you access to both merge the profile and fix errors.

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