Frank Saulnier from Digby... lived in Pinkney's point NS

Started by Michael Doonan on Thursday, November 1, 2012


11/1/2012 at 6:56 AM

My greatgranfather was Frank Saulnier.. he was buried in NS somewhere in 1974... he lived in Pinkneys Point for many years..with family that I would love to connect with. My mother doesn't recall the name of the cemetary that he and my G.granmother are buried in. I believe it's St. Michael's she believes it's St. Anne's ...all info from my great granparents till now is correct... prior info just not sure many conflicts when trying to put it together.

G.granfather Francois (Frank) Isidore Saulnier b.Dec.3,1889 Tusket Wedge N.S d. Sept 1974
father Joseph Amand Saulnier b. 1840
his father:Mathias Casimir Saulnier 1811
mother:Madeleine Helene Bourdreau 1814
mother Matilda Doucet b.1845 they married in 1870 Tusket Wedge
her father: Ignace Fulgence Doucet 1812
mother: Elisabeth Cottreau 1810
Frank married Marie Adelle Doucette b. 1889 Belleville N.S
at Ste. Arms Church Eel Brook Yarmouth N.S April 10, 1909
AKA: Ida May
her father:Louis Doucett 1846
his father:Pierre Ambroise Doucet 1808
mother:Rosalie Ursule Doucet 1824
her mother:Monique Lefebvre 1843
father:Edouard Lefebvre Descoteaux 1815
mother: Tharsile Lemaitre Duhaime 1818
her Sister:Leonora (Laura) M. Doucette b. 1884 d.1959
married: Charles Eloi Surette b.1882 m.1902
they lived in East Boston and had many children
the children of Frank and Adelle Marie aka Ida May
Gertrude Marie April 1912
Lawrence (Buddy) F. 1914
Florence Matilda 1917
Stanley George 1918


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