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11/2/2012 at 3:45 PM

Hi. Hope you are well. My name is Melody Eernisse and see we are fifth cousins. Can you tell me how and if you have any info on our shared family ? Thank you.

11/2/2012 at 8:19 PM

Hi Melody: I've done a lot of work on the Eernissee genealogy, going back to the Netherlands. Our ancestors were brothers (Abram--my side; Izaak--your side). Here's what I have on Izaak, which is in his profile on Geni:
Izaak and Maria, along with their 4 children still at home, and their other children who had married, left the Netherlands to immigrate into the United States, joining the extended Eernisse family. They arrived in New York in 1847.

Rochester city directories indicate that in the 1860's he was working as a "laborer" and living at 3 McDonald Avenue.

Zeeuws Archief Records --

Marriage Record:

Bridegroom on Wednesday, March 12, 1817 Groede

Aktenummer (documentnumber) : 7

Aktedatum (date) : 12-03-1817

Bruidegom (bridegroom) : Isaac Eernisse

Leeftijd (age) : 23 jaar

Geboorteplaats (place of birth) : Groede

Beroep (occupation) : Knecht

Bruid (bride) : Maria Fiers

Leeftijd (age) : 21 jaar

Geboorteplaats (place of birth) : Groede

Beroep (occupation) : Dienstmeid

Vader bruidegom (father bridegroom) : Isaac Eernisse

Moeder bruidegom (mother bridegroom) : Aaltje de Groote

Vader bruid (father bride) : Adriaan Fiers

Moeder bruid (mother bride) : Dina Dierings

Emigration Record:

Izaak Eernisse

Emigrant in 1847 Groede

Izaak Eernisse, d'oude

Leeftijd (age) : 54

Beroep (occupation) : landman (farmer)

Kerkgenootschap (religion) : Christelijk Afgescheiden

Jaar vertrek (year of departure) : 1847

Plaats van vertrek (place of departure) : Groede

Vetrekt met zijn (departes with his) vrouw (wife)

Aantal kinderen (number of children) : 4

Reden van vertrek (reason of departure) : Gebrek aan werk en bezorgdheid voor de toekomst

Bestemming (destination) : Wisconsin

Bron (source) : Staten van landverhuizingen (archief Provinciaal Bestuur Zeeland)

In: Genealogische Afschriften 810/2, pagina (page) 18


Emigranten 1839-1900


Emigranten Noord- en Zuid-Amerika en Zuid-Afrika inventarisnummer [toegevoegd 3 april 2006]

Zeeuws Archief: Staten van Landverhuizers en Bevolkingsregisters

Immigration Notes:

The ship the Barque Wilhelm von Wolgast, also known by just the name Wilhelm. The "Wilhelm von Wolgast" left Antwerp and arrived in New York on June 18, 1847. The trip was 63 days at sea. This List All Went To The State Of Wisconsin:

Isaac Eernisse Jr. (M) 30 Farmer

Maria Eernisse (F) 32

Isaac Eernisse II (M) 10

Maria Eernisse (M?) 9

Dina Eernisse (F) 7

Laltje Eernisse (F) 3mos.,

Isaac Eernisse Sr. (M) 52 Farmer

Maria Eernisse (F) 51

Jacob Eernisse (M) 16

Johannes Eernisse (M) 10

Laltje Eernisse (F) 13

Maria Eernisse(F)8

Abraham Eernisse (M) 20 Farmer

Johanna Eernisse (F) 21

Peter Eernisse (M) 25 Farmer

Maria Eernisse (F) 25

Maria Eernisse (F) 4

Catherine Eernisse (F) 3

Isaac Eernisse (F?) 2

Abraham Eernisse (M) 46 Farmer

Jacob Eernisse (M) 14

Abraham Eernisse (M) 10

Elizabeth Eernisse (F) 11

Laltje Eernisse (F) 16

Maria Eernisse (F) 4

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