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26.7.2013 в 6:24 после полудня

Oh, and I show no path to Parsons yet, but that should change when I get back a generation or two. I just need to firm up whether Joseph Wesley Parsons is from Ohio or Kansas. (And also whether he was Union or Confederate!)

26.7.2013 в 7:22 после полудня

JW Parsons ancestry might be a dead end - researcher Thad Parsons was seeking it in 1987 according to the Everton Genealogist query I found using MyHeritage "research this profile" (pretty sure this is the same Thad Parsons who is the FAG contributor). But he was Union from Kansas according to his military page, uploaded to his profile with service details. I'm still not finding his Texas Ranger service? The Bishop line is probably worth chasing.

Private User
26.7.2013 в 9:00 после полудня

The Texas Ranger service is from the bio Thad Sr. wrote about his mother.

I wasn't convinced that Kansas was the right one. Some of the Texas vitals give Ohio as his birthplace; he could have moved to Kansas when young? I'll have to look again.

I'm awaiting input from Charles on whether we can merge into some private profiles from an abandoned branch. They aren't showing up as a tree match, but they definitely are. If approved, that will help a little.

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26.7.2013 в 9:03 после полудня

Something I just noticed: Since Locasta/Dee was a member of the "early" Cumberland church, we might find clues about her in Kentucky (or Ohio) lines.

26.7.2013 в 9:54 после полудня

The group sheet from Everton's is illuminating - the Bishop family originates from Carter TN


JW & Locsta married in 1870 in Texas. Did they actually meet there though?

I agree the Ohio birthplace may make more sense than Kansas, which could simply have been his residence when he was recruited ? for the Indiana 8th Infantry. My cousins served in a variety of states even though they were all from Kentucky.

Private User
27.7.2013 в 1:35 до полудня

You have the Indiana 8th? I was looking at the Joseph W. from Ohio and Kansas. This case is a trip. The only Joseph Wesley Parsons I found was a Mainer. Everton, don't fail me now.

Tennessee also makes sense for the early days of Cumberland. If her family was that involved and that early on, they should be in one of the early movement histories. That'll be my next place to look.

Kudrow also said that Parsons and O'Donnell have the most interesting stories/ancestors this season and that Trisha Yearwood will be looking at handwritten accounts about (but not by) an ancestor from the 1600s.

27.7.2013 в 2:55 до полудня

The military record http://www.geni.com/documents/view?doc_id=6000000021652883098 matches tombstone & Everton's except birth place.

I'm pretty sure we can rule out the Mary Parsons line. WDYTYA would be all over that one, but I'm accounting for her descendants so far being New England ministers & attorneys & such.

27.7.2013 в 6:52 до полудня

Jim Parsons now has a direct ancestral connection to the Big Tree.

Private User
27.7.2013 в 7:08 до полудня

Yes, I had been waiting to hear back from Charles about whether it was okay to merge into those private profiles. We may need to back out of that area. I can explain privately if necessary. There were some special circumstances in that area.

27.7.2013 в 7:26 до полудня

Sure, PM me.

27.7.2013 в 10:39 до полудня

Chris O'Donnell is now connected to the Big Tree through his wife. However, I'm not having much luck with his own tree, so feel free to jump in.

Note that there is another tree out there on Geni that is purportedly of the actor, but none of his siblings nor his parents are correct.

27.7.2013 в 2:04 после полудня

Anything still need to be done at this point?

27.7.2013 в 2:34 после полудня

Wendi dive in! For instance Awesome Geoff Trowbridge connected Jim Parsons on his mother's side (showing as my 13th cousin, 5 times removed) - but someone like him should have multiple lines to someone like me

27.7.2013 в 2:38 после полудня

Erica "the Disconnectrix" Howton Ok, thanks. I never seem to have a line to these people lol.

27.7.2013 в 2:57 после полудня

You can build anywhere that interests you historically actually:). They need to get more NY area people going!

27.7.2013 в 3:01 после полудня

Wendi take a look at Chelsea Handler

27.7.2013 в 3:53 после полудня

Hi Wendi,
Victar and I have worked on Chelsea Handler and the open question is WHICH Seymour Handler was her father. We assume that he's one of two in NYC or the one in NJ. I made an assumption, from the Ancestry records, so Seymour's parents on up are still speculative. I couldn't find conclusive evidence.

29.7.2013 в 11:03 до полудня

Chris O'Donnell now has direct ancestry into the Big Tree.

29.7.2013 в 12:02 после полудня

Hatte Blejer on partial hiatus

I'm pretty sure this is the correct Seymour Handler as he was a car salesman.

Address: 35 Morningside Dr, Livingston, NJ, 07039-1827 (1993)
[Avon Garage Corp Dr, Livingston, NJ, 07039 (1974)]

29.7.2013 в 12:16 после полудня

Ok, that is definitely him - Seymour R. Handler born ~ 1932. Are you sure the info about a sister name sheila, etc is correct?

29.7.2013 в 1:54 после полудня

Erica "the Disconnectrix" Howton & Hatte Blejer on partial hiatus

I think his parents are Charles and Belle on the 1940 Census, but I don't want to undo the work you've done until all are in agreement. I'm just adding in an alternate tree for Seymour. If it's correct, then great and if not then we can just remove him.

29.7.2013 в 4:51 после полудня

-Wendi- -- I'll go look at Charles and Belle. Why them versus the other two families?

That is the right Seymour for sure. You can go to Intellius and other public record sites and find him with children, including Chelsea in Livingston.

As for sister -- that was based on his parents being William and Tobia. He named a daughter Shoshana and Tobia's mother was Rose and William's sister was Rose. But I am not at all committed to William and Tobia. We should discuss the merits or lack thereof of the three alternative families.

29.7.2013 в 4:55 после полудня

Here's the issue -- a death record for a Seymour Handler born 1932 and SSN issued in NY.

Name: Seymour Handler
SSN: 098-24-2810
Last Residence: 33137 Miami, Miami-dade, Florida, USA
Born: 13 Mar 1932
Died: Feb 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)

29.7.2013 в 4:58 после полудня

Which means that one of the NY Seymours is NOT our Seymour.

29.7.2013 в 4:59 после полудня

Let's see if one set of parents are also buried here. If so that will rule out one set of parents.

Name: Seymour Handler
Birth Date: abt 1933
Death Date: 1 Feb 1968
Age at Death: 35
Burial Plot: Row: L Grave: 5
Burial Place: Huntington Station, New York, United States
Other Comments: Kingsdale Litz Utopia Lodge
Cemetery: Mt. Golda Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 500 Old Country Road
Cemetery Burials: 123
Cemetery Comments: Located in the midst of a suburban residential neighborhood. Opened: 1930. Phone #: (631) 427-2577

29.7.2013 в 4:59 после полудня

Hatte Blejer on partial hiatus as far as I can tell Seymour R. Handler is alive and still lives in NJ. However, I don't think he was born in NJ. His business incorporation info puts him at 81 years old so born about 1932.

Charles being the father's name makes sense with names Chet and Chelsea for the first boy and youngest girl.

29.7.2013 в 5:01 после полудня

Hatte Blejer on partial hiatus I think the Seymour you chose was 10 years old on the 1940 census whereas he sould have only been 8 as was the Seymour with parents Charles and Belle.

29.7.2013 в 5:09 после полудня

Hatte Blejer on partial hiatus Apparently, Seymour tried to sue over the death of Chet so we might find some info in court records of some sort. He fell to his death while on a hike in Wyoming. A long shot, but if we get desperate, but I guess it won't really reveal anything about the grandparents, so never mind lol.

29.7.2013 в 5:27 после полудня

Good clue -- Chet and Chelsea. I was looking for who else is buried where the Seymour above is buried, but had no luck.

29.7.2013 в 5:28 после полудня

Maybe Chet's obituary?

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