Marilyn Monroe - Written by Judith Bateman before I knew I was connected to Marilyn -copyright ancestry. Just one problem how will I ever live up to it ?

Started by Judith Bateman on Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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3/5/2013 at 3:49 AM

Marilyn Monroe had a figure that ranged from magnificent to stout throughout her lifetime.Her face and skin were ravishing and on the rushes for "The Prince and the Showgirl", Dame Edith Evans said "Look at Marilyn, she could be five years old ".Her terribly deprived childhood gave her a look of vulnerability and in her movies she sometimes looked as though she didnt quite want to be there,As a teenager there wasnt a beauty contrivance she didnt employ to enhance her appearance.At thirteen, she was perming her long light brown hair and using powder on her porcelain skin.By the time she was fifteen, Marilyn said later, "The world had opened up to me.There were boys round every corner".Her guardians decided that marriage was the answer and set their sights on the local athlete,Jimmy Dougherty, who was then dating the Santa Barbara Beauty Queen.She asked Jimmy what he was doing "hauling that little sexpot around in his car".But Marilyn won the day and very soon was married to Jimmy. The War intervened and very soon Jimmy had joined the Navy.Marilyn,in her turn, worked shifts at a local spraying plant.One day a phographer named Conover came and took pictures of the female staff for the War Effort.Marilyn was wearing overalls which showed her figure off to perfection.This time it was men,not boys, who were interested.She joined the Blue Book Model Agency managed by Emmeline Snively.Emmeline said she had never had a model who had worked so hard to fulfil her potential in magazines.And so by "Laff" and "Peek" and "See", Marilyn came to 20th Century Fox,Emmeline persuaded Marilyn to dye her mousy brown locks blonde.She was taken to the Fox hairdresser on the lot and her hair was cut short in a sophisticated upsweep.Marilyn wasnt sure at first, she felt her long hair was part of her identity.Then she saw it worked.

I must say, I´ve always "sensed" Marilyn, in my biological Mother. So odd... but true. Found out last summer, about the relation. Been a big part of my "Show Biz and Family" thoughts, ever since, as well! Truly enjoyed reading your spin on it! Thanx for sharing! <3

3/5/2013 at 5:50 AM

Hi, Theresa, what an exciting revelation. But as for me, no I never! When I was working in a bookshop as a teenager the first paperback of her life came out and on the cover she was posing in a gold-lame skintight dress.I thought she was the loveliest woman Id ever seen.I learned that she washed her face about ten times a day to prevent blemishes and I wondered if I began to wash my face in the washroom in the lunchbreak, my spots would disappear. But like most things to do with Marilyn it was a fantasy. But now this happens..

To CUTE!!! YES, she is seemingly, one of those "wonders of this World" ...
and can be enchanting, as well as, intimidating. All depends on the viewpoint, I suppose. Quite polarizing, to say the very least. But in the end... isn´t there a little bit of Marilyn, in every girls heart?

Geni is showing some odd connection for us, considering Marilyn is my 16th cousin twice removed or something like that... (so many connections... keep forgetting the exact exacts... but it was somewhere in there... GENI is giving me someting like my "16th cousin´s brothers niece´s first husban´s second cousin´s niece... " on you... odd... but probably a crossed line, in a duplicate or something going on, in the calculations of "this moment"...

16th cousin once removed...

3/6/2013 at 1:21 AM

Yes, Im first cousin many etcs to Marilyn, The strange thing is that there are Batemans - Susan Almy Bateman to be exact on Charles Stanley Giffords lineage, who was said to be Marilyns biological father. You ask if Marilyn was intimidating ? Well, perhaps in Niagara as Rose Loomis, but by the time she was in "How to marry a millionaire " she had become a talented comedienne and people warmed to her in droves. I consider someone like Brigitte Bardot to be intimidating.

You´re absolutely right, about Marilyn AND Bardot! lol! Love your insights! <3

My path to Marilyn is through her mother.

3/7/2013 at 5:24 AM

Hi, Theresa, Thanks for your revelatiom, my path to Marilyn is via Gladys Baker. Another beautiful but intimidating woman is Racquel Welch, I think, the token beautiful woman during the 70s

3/7/2013 at 5:34 AM

Well I remember her when she was a young actress and I would say consider yourself lucky if you have not also inherited her large backside.

3/7/2013 at 5:52 AM

Ha ! Ha ! Thanks for that. Ive inherited her big mouth instead

3/7/2013 at 7:26 AM

Oh nowhere as large as her rear end!

Yes, Raquel Welch is also, another one of those WOW moments, I was also honored to have! As well as Judy Garland and Liza Minelli, Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple Black and Cloepatra VII! hahaha! They MUST HAVE ALL HAD VERY BIG MOUTHS!!!! hahaha! As this, I can also, NOT DENY! <3

3/8/2013 at 10:03 AM

Well, youve got quite a menagerie of filmstars that youre connected to - is Marilyn your favourite? Judy Garland was fragile, but what a marvellous voice!

I honestly, can´t say which of these incredible persons,, of whome we share our gene material, are my favorites I am so in awe and all at the same time, it makes sooo much sense to me now. I make so much more sense to me, now. The way I sound and it´s amazing, the likenesses between even ancestors from hundreds of years ago, sometimes and those to date, still living! I am simply fascinated and totally WOWED, by all of their individual stories and sometimes left aghast, at the brutality of some of the ancestors.... (A Few of those Kings, Conquerers and Warriors and possibly Lizzie Bordon... lol! ) and also, just swept away by the seemingly endless TALENT they all seemed to have had... of SURVIVING (for the most part.) Judy and Marilyn having officially passed, due to an overdose of prescription drugs. . .

And no matter what they did or who they were in their time.... heir Legacy remains and will live on, through each one of us!

I will NEVER stop singing, dancing, acting and entertaining and I am also, culminating my humanitarian and philanthropical veins, into a future in Diplomacy. (I´m also, related closely or more distantly, to all of the Presidents of the US of A. rotfl. But it´s TRUE! too deep.)

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