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3/10/2013 at 12:10 PM

I just posted the family coat of arms:
"The arms of the Griffin family of Penrith, Wales, are those illustrated. The same arms, with but slight variations, have been used by many of the various branches of the family. They are described: Gules on a fesse between three lozenges or, each charged with a flour-de-lis of the first a demi rose between two griffins seargeant of the field. The family of Jasper have a griffin sergeant gules for a crest and "Semper Paratus" for a motto."
written by Frances Cowles.

Jasper here is my fourth great-grandfather. This is what we knew as the family crest for the Samuel Starr Griffin branch and I'm guessing from that information that it also belongs to Jasper. Correct me if I'm wrong. Help me put the coat of arms with the correct family. I am adding the other coat of arms from our file here too. A griffin under which is written as best I can make out "mor omnis mortar.

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