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4/29/2013 at 10:11 AM

Private User & Private User
I think there was an improper merge on the profile of Louis Gun Munro. While working through some other merges, I noticed he had multiple parents that didn't line up.
* George Munro & Louisa Alexandria Vichweg
* James Poyntz Gun-Munro & Bessie (Elizabeth) Gun-Munro

Since Lewis was born before James and Bessie, I disconnected them as parents and created a new child for them Lewis Gun-Munro (request management and I'll turn it over).

Then came the issue of wives. I don't know if they all belong to Lewis b1824. I'm not familiar with this family and I didn't find a lot online. Here is one source, but it didn't help much: http://www.geocities.ws/michaeloutram/dat1.htm

If you figure out anything or have any sources, I'd be happy to move the wives around or do whatever we need to fix it.

- Jeff

Private User
4/29/2013 at 10:24 AM

I certainly contact Michael Outram, I have not touched base with him on this stuff in a few years, so we'll see how it goes.

4/29/2013 at 1:39 PM

Jeff, I have also been finding a lot of improper Munro/Gun-Munro merges lately, often with Munros and Gun-Munros from wildly different areas, but I haven't been able to determine where the errors are coming from. I first noticed it when some Gun-Munros were being merged with the Munros along the New England Montague line, even though I think the Gun-Munros being merged in were from Pennsylvania.

They're unusual surnames to be having such an activity spike on Geni, so I'm curious to see if we can find out the source of the questionable info and then try to sort it all out that way. For now, I'm going to follow https://www.geni.com/surnames/gun-munro to see if that helps me sort it out.

4/29/2013 at 2:24 PM

ashley there is a gun munro descendent who is making wild merges of completely different people often merging men and women together ive tried talking to him about it but he doesnt understand what he is doing

Private User
4/29/2013 at 2:31 PM

I worked on that issue and with the user and I think we got a lot of it fixed. I don't believe this profile is related to that.

Private User
4/29/2013 at 8:31 PM

OK. Here is the deal with Louis Gun Munro. First, you should know that he is NOT part of the Hon. George Gun Munro of Grenada lineage. George Gun Munro was his Godfather and so the Gun name was given to him as a middle name. He is simply, Louis Munro who had a son Lewis Henry Munro.
We finally unraveled the confusion as Michael Outram did research and due to the Gun Munro name, added Louis into the George Gun Munro lineage by mistake.
(There is the Gun Munro family from Grenada starting with Honorable George Gun Munro and his prior Poyntzfield lineage from Scotland and his lineage onwards to Grenada. He is the illegitimate son of George Gun Munro of Poyntzfield who is traced back to Rev. John Munro and Janet Gunn, sole heir to her father's Clan Gunn. So, they put the names together as Gunn-Munro. Their grandson acquired the title of Sir George Gun Munro, acquiring land and naming a house, Poyntzfield House for his wife, Lady Mary Poyntz. They were well connected in the Highlands of Scotland and he became the first Laird of Poyntzfield House. There were four Lairds. )
His nephew's illegitimate son, George Gun Munro born 1775?, went to Grenada and became the Honorable George Gun Munro, Treasurer of Grenada. He married Agnes McBurnie and had many sons and daughters and Michael Outram did a great job outlining this lineage in particular, George and Agnes' son George Gun Munro's lineage and mistakingly added Louis Gun Munro. Michael is actually not related to them.

Separately, my great++++ grandfather, George Munro who knew this Honorable George Gun-Munro of Grenada circa 1800, married Louise Viechweg in Grenada and had 3 sons and one daughter-George Henry Munro, Louis Gun Munro, John William Munro and Ellen Munro. This is MY lineage starting with George Munro who owned a sugar estate named Bellaire in the parish of St. George's which is the capital where many merchants and the government employees worked and lived in a close proximity. The Scottish, being so far away from home, stuck together. We don't know if our George Munro was in any way related to Hon. George Gun-Munro or if it was the Scottish connection in St. George's BUT the birth certificate for Louis shows that his father George Munro made George Gun Munro the Sponsor/Godfather of Louis. George Gun Munro gave Louis the middle name of Gun. This is how it got confused and Louis Gun Munro was thrown in the mix with the George Gun Munro's lineage.

Louis Gun Munro was born on March 2, 1824 - Died 1885 and owned Diamond and Boccage Estate in the parish of St. Marks in Grenada. Again, he is part of my lineage, not the Gun Munro lineage. His parents were George Munro of Bellaire Estate and Louisa Viechweg of the Heirs of Viechweg and French family Rouget/Mantet/D'angleberrie who owned Belle air estate during the French rule of Grenada. George and Louisa got the estate and sons John William and Louis Gun soared with profits from the sugar trade while their brother George, my great+++ was a mariner and finally got some land in Grenada later in life.
Louis Gun Munro had an illegitimate son with a woman named, City John. That son was named Isaac Munro. Not much is known about Isaac. Louis then married his first wife Victoria LaMotte, 1824-1879 and together they had a son Lewis Henry Munro, a daughter Virginia Munro and perhaps a David and William Munro. Not 100%. As an elderly, widowed man, Louis Gun Munro married Catherine Hosten and they had a daughter, MaryAnn Munro who married David Slinger.

Louis Munro and Victoria LaMatte's son Louis Henry Munro married Charlotte Sarah Bell whose father was Thomas Bell of Brandon Hall in Grenada who was also very privileged. Louis Henry and Charlotte had Florence, Inez, Edith and John Edwin Munro who married Margaret Alexander. John and Margaret had a son Ronald (no children) and a daughter Eileen who married Charles Outram, making Louis Gun Munro, Michael's great grandfather. Louis Gun--Louis Henry--John Edwin--Eileen--Michael Outram.

Louis Gun Munro's daughter, Virginia Munro went back to England and married Henry Whitehead. She was an actress and I have a photo of her. Her nephew, John Edwin Munro, son of her brother Louis Henry, was a singer and sang at Albert Hall and I have a pic of him too along with Louis Gun Munro.

So, regarding Louis Gun Munro, you have to take him out of the George Gun Munro Grenada lineage. It goes:
George Munro and Louise Viechweg had 3 sons and one daughter:
First son:George Henry Munro married Elizabeth Boone. Child Eliza Frances
Second son: Louis Gun Munro (Godparent George Gun Munro)
Had an illegitimate son, Isaac Munro. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM.
Then Louis Gun Munro married Victoria LaMotte and had Lewis Henry Munro and Virginia Munro
Third son: John William Munro married Rose Munro.
They had George Ambrose Munro who married Rose Munro and had many children. Names???
Only daughter: Ellen Munro had a daughter Jane (father unknown) who married George Campbell.

So, now that you know Gun Munro and Munro of Grenada are separate, you have to figure out which lineage you belong to. As well, there were other Munro families during the mid to late 1700s in Grenada as well as Berbice, Barbados and Trinidad that are from other Munro branches. They all go back to Scotland and traced back to the original Clan Munro. Many Highlanders were forced out in the 1700s and scattered. The Munros in the West Indies were part of the Glasgow, London Merchants who sailed to the West Indies to make quick profits on sugar.

I have yet to know how my George Munro of the late 1700s married to Louise Viechweg, got to Grenada and who his parents were? Curious if he is related to George Gun Munro or any of the other Munros of that time such as Colin Munro of Austrailia, William Munro of Berbice, William Munro of Trinidad or John Munro of Trinidad who died in Edinburgh. Please let me know if you are connected to any of these Munros. Other Munros that fled to the New World or other places will be too far removed from my lineage that went to the West Indies.
Hope this helps and hope you can help. Tx Irene

Private User
4/29/2013 at 8:38 PM

Jeff, the Louisa Alexander that you saw for Louis Gun Munro is the Louisa Alexandria Munro nee Viechweg that married my great++ George Munro in Grenada circa 1800.

Private User
4/29/2013 at 8:43 PM

*** re: above--Louise/a being Louis Gun Munro's mother that is, not wife.

Also, I have spoken to Michael Outram. He had an online link that is incorrect as I mentioned the confusion with the Gun middle name vs. last name. Currently, he is retired and recently lost his wife so with the mistakes, he took that link down and I believe is not as involved with re-doing all the overwhelming research. His info is pertinent for those of the Gun Munro lineage in Grenada, West Indies.

Private User
4/29/2013 at 8:48 PM

Private User David Hosten, you would be related to me as Louis Gun Munro's second wife was Catherine Hosten who had a daughter, MaryAnn Munro married to David Slinger. All I know about Catherine Hosten was that she died in 1911 and had daughter MaryAnn Slinger. I don't know who Catherine's husband was but I believe her parents were Harold Hosten married to Phyllis Gun Munro? Harold's father was Alexander Hosten? I don't have any hard evidence.
I do have Louis Gun Munro's Last Will and Testament leaving stuff to his wife Catherine Hosten.
How are you connected to the Hostens?

Private User
4/29/2013 at 9:35 PM

Thanks for all your work. I will help out some more soon. I need a couple days rest, first.

Private User
4/30/2013 at 7:26 AM


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Private User
4/30/2013 at 8:10 AM

Private User, thank you for the detailed response. I've corrected the tree to reflect this and merged the duplicates of you, David, & Michael.

The only one that left where I see a conflict is Douglas Alexander on his parents. You have his mother as "Helen Thain" and Michael has her as "Margaret Douglas". Since she is Michael's ancestor, I'm incline to take his data, but I thought I would mention it before taking any action.

Private User
4/30/2013 at 8:19 AM


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Private User
4/30/2013 at 8:59 AM


Henry Munroe (ca 1727 – ca 1782) was a Scottish-born soldier and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented the township of Granville in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1765 to 1768. His surname also appears as Munro.
Henry was the son of Janet Gunn of Braemore and Rev. John Munro. Rev. Munro was minister of Halkirk from 1704 until his death in 1743. Henry Munroe was born in Cromarty and joined a regiment, the 77th Foot, (Montgomery's Highlanders) raised in Argyleshire for service against the French in North America. Lt. Henry Munro was wounded 14 Sept. 1758 and fought in all the major battles before returning to Granville Nova Scotia. Munroe was granted 2,000 acres (8.1 km2) of land in Granville, near Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. He married Sarah Hooper, daughter of New England Planter, T. Hooper. The Hoopers came to Annapolis on the Charming Molly in 1760. They were originally from Massachusetts. Henry Munroe was appointed from Granville to the provincial legislature in Halifax in 1765. He resigned his seat in the provincial assembly in 1768. Munroe served as a justice of the peace and a lieutenant-colonel in the local militia. He died of apoplexy 6 Jan. 1781.

Private User
4/30/2013 at 11:12 AM
4/30/2013 at 12:33 PM

Col. John Munro, 2nd of Obsdale he has just made another wild merge of at least 4 different people and someone fix this mess

4/30/2013 at 12:53 PM

Private User, you may not think I know much, but I do know that a Munro of Pennsylvania, a Montague-Munro of Massachusetts, and a Gun-Munro of Grenada cannot all be the same person at once. That is the type of merging that has been going on and which people are objecting to.

You're entitled to have you opinions -- as a "descendant" of "God Almighty" or not -- but you can't attack other users. You also need to be aware that Geni is a collaborative website, and that you do not own the Gun-Munro lines. Anyone who collaborates with you or who has Pro membership can edit profiles you manage. If that type of collaboration is unacceptable to you, then you need to consider a different website, like MyHeritage, where you can build a standalone tree.

Private User
5/1/2013 at 10:21 AM

I've fixed the Col. John Munro, 2nd of Obsdale merge. One thing to note, the Smart Matches came in extremely handy while trying to figure out what should go where. :)

Private User
5/2/2013 at 9:57 PM

@ashley odell
Ashley, I think the spike in the Gun Munro lineage on here was due to myself and some others that originated from Grenada, taking a sudden and passionate interest in our family history over the past year. However, I am from the George Munro lineage in Grenada which has been confused with Hon. George Gun Munro of Grenada during the same time period, late 1700s/early 1800s.

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time researching Hon. George Gun Munro of the Poyntzfield Lineage which is not my line but it may come in handy. But as far as I know, what Jason wrote about Henry Munro being the son of Rev. John Munro and Janet Gunn, did go to Nova Scotia as a soldier as Jason wrote, marrying Sarah Hooper of Massachusetts. His brother George Gun Munro became Sir GGMunro, the first laird of Poyntzfield House who married Lady Mary Pontz (who by the way is connected to the Spencer family as in Lady Diana) was his brother and the other brother, Capt John Munro who married Elizabeth Sutherland had a son George Gun Munro whom I believe married Justina Dunbar, had an illegitimate son with Ann Bailey while married to Justina. This was the Hon. George Gun Munro that was born in 1785 and went to Grenada. So, he is part of Henry Munro's lineage only that Henry went to Nova Scotia and the New World. Interesting to know how where Henry's lineage wound up in the states?

Private User
5/2/2013 at 9:59 PM

Michael prob has it correct with the Douglas family. Tx

1/25/2014 at 4:25 AM

We are family! Small world,you probably know my sister. A lot of what your saying is what she says to be honest its a bit to much some times

Private User
2/13/2014 at 6:39 PM

Hi Irene, I came across the Gun-Munros in my family research as they are connected to my tree by marriage. I believe that Harold Hosten, married to Phyllis Gun-Munro, was born in December 1901 and so couldn't be the father of Catherine Hosten as I understand that her dates were 1849-1911.

Private User
7/29/2014 at 6:31 PM

Hi Stephen. Just saw this message. I am not on here often. My lineage is not Gun Munro. It's just Munro. There was a misunderstanding as my great + grandfather, George Munro who was a peer of George Gun Munro in Grenada, made George Gun Munro the sponsor to his son Louis Munro. George Gun Munro gave Louis the middle name of Gunn as it was an honor, I suppose. Louis Gun Munro went on to marry Catherine Hosten but that entire lineage is NOT Gun Munro. It's just Munro. I keep explaining this to Jason Evans Baldwin but he is not "getting it". Not sure if you are in contact with him. Anyhow, if you have any other questions, please feel free to write me. Otherwise, anyone coming from the Louis Gun Munro lineage should be taken off as a Gun Munro.
Louis Gun Munro's lineage starting with parents
George Munro married Louise Viechweg around 1800
Their children were:
1. George Henry Munro who married Eliza Frances Boone
2. Louis Gun Munro who married Victoria LaMotte and then Catherine Hosten
3. John William Munro who married Frances Noel?
4. Ellen Munro who married ? Campbell

Private User
7/29/2014 at 6:32 PM

Hi again. I am actually from the Lewis lineage as well. Lewis from Barbados. My great grandmother was Louisa Lewis with a brother named Joseph Bunyan Lewis, born in Barbados. Any link?

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