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@ I k.v.vijayaraghavan is the 5th son of K.venkataraghavan (ambiappa).K.A.Krishna iyengar and kanakavalli had 9 children nie 5sons and 4 daughters. they are kutty athai Janaka athai Kalyani athai vaenkataraghavan (ambi appa),rajagopalal(rajappa) Parthasarathy(pappa) srinivasan (cheema) Padmanabhan (paddhu) and chembaka (chempa athai. Sri Krishna iyengar orginaly belong to Kizhanatham village But stteled in Alleppey. we still have sree krishna gardens at Alleppey in which pappasami's daughter in law lives alone.Regarding kanakavalli patti we do not know much since she died very young much before her sons got married. we are 43 grand children (direct thro sons) ie 23 boys 21 girls.now harly 35 are alive and youngest alleppey venkatesan is over 60 years. if you want more details please contactme 08026635639 or e mail viji1941@hotmail.com

6/19/2013 at 5:10 PM

Dear Mr.K.V.Vijayaraghavan,
I am Soumya Srinivasan ,A Geni Enthusiast, and I hail from Kizhanatham on my father's mother's side.My great great parents are Peria Seshadri Iyengar and Saranayaki. They had two sons and three daughters.
Their two sons S.Rengaswamy and S.Gopalaswamy were married to the daughters of Alleppey K.A.Krishna Iyengar and Peshkar Krishna Iyengar of Travancore respectively. I come in the lineage of Peshkar Krishna Iyengar,through his daughter's daughter Ponnukutty alias Ponnammal. If you are in touch with the Kizhanatham family tree. Mrs.Babu Narasimhan,Ponnamma,Vimala,Savithri,Rajam are grand children of Peshkar Krishna Iyengar through his son K.Padmanabhan. Rukmini Periamma of Madurai,Ramu Mama,Kicha Mama,Babu Mama,Raju Chithi are my father's uncles and aunts,meaning my granny's first cousin through her father.They must be your Athai's children.As for the grand children of Alleppey Krishna Iyengar and family related to theirs I have established contact with Mr.R Dwarakanathan,whose eldest sister Indrani was married to the youngest son of K.A.Krishna Iyengar,Kollam Padmanabhan .
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and Mr.Hemant
Hemant Srivatsa
great grand son of K.A.Krishna Iyengar,through his son K.Parthasarathy's daughter Mrs.Shakunthala Srivatsa.
I shall be very delighted if you are forthcoming to build your side of the family tree and willing to help in whatever way I could ,be it documentation etc..... being a Geni Pro subscriber.As for the Kizhanatham side of the family tree they are documented inputs of Late.Shri.K.V.Athinatha Iyengar
thanks to the site earlier maintained by his daughter Mrs.Chooda Krishnamurthy
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

@dear sowmya
Kanakavalli patty had 2 sisters (twins ) Ranga patty and chinna patty, and one more brother chinnasami mama..we are in close contact with sons of chinnasami mama .Rukumamani,Ramu,Rajalakshmi,kitcha,and babu are children of my athfaai janaka and are my cousins

Family tree of kanakavalli patti and Krihna iyengar

1 Kutty athai Athimber (donot know rhe name)
had two daughters Chellakka and Kappiakka
2 Janakk

@2 janaka athai athimber ?
Children Rukkumani Ramu,Rajalakshmi,Kitcha and Babu
3 Kalyani athai athimber ?
Children Rangaswamy (mani) kanakambujam
4 venkataraghavan Vedavalli
children Krishnaswamy Ranganayaki
Vasantha Raghavan.S
Mythili Srinivasan
Desikan Hema
Lakshmi Raghavan.K.R
Ramaswamy Mallikala
Muralidharan Vijayalakshmi
vijayaraghavan Prema

5 K.Rajagopalan Jayalakshmi
Mallika Thathachari
venugopalan Mythili
Narasimhan Suganthi
Sampath not married
krishna iyengar ?
Moha n Indira
Kannan not married
Badri not married
Chellamal Rajagopalan
Chandrika Ramgopal
Radhika not married

6 Parthasarthy Vijayalakshmi
Leela kanakavally Gopalan
Parimala Srinivasan
Krishna thothadri Vidhya
Santha Rajagopalan
Ramji Geetha
Shakunthala Srivasthan
Venugopalan Mythili
srinivasa raghavan Kala

7 Srinivasan Ambuja ammal
Kanakavalli Rangamani
Suseela Lakshminarayanan
Gopalakrishnan Chandra
Chempaka Gopalakrishnan
Malathy Padmanabhan
Srinivasaraghavan Revathy
Ramaswamy Kanak

8 Padmanabhan Rani ammal

Kanakavalli Krishnan
prema krishnamachary
Parthasarathy Raji
Rajalakshmy Rangarajan
Radha Jaganathan

9 Chembakavalli athiber ?\\

Soundara akka Santhanam
Rajathi died young

@ dear Soumya
I have not informed you about the death of members of krishna iyengar;s family. I am detailing now a list of deceased members who are deceased
kuttyathai allthai,s f amily
no one is alive
Jaanaka athai's
none alive
Kalyani athai;s
none alive
K.R.Raghavan,Desikan,Muralidharan,and vijayalakshmi are deceased


K.Rajagopalan, Jayalakshmi,Mallika,Thathachari,VENUGOPALAN,Mythili

Narasimhan,Suganthi, Krishnaiyengar rajagopal,Badri are deceased


and venugopalan are deceased

K.Srinivasan s

K.Srinivasan,Ambujammal,Rangamani, Suseela,Lakshminarayanan,
Gopalakrishnan (chndra;s husband) are deceased

K.Padmanabhan s

Padmanabhan,Raniammal,Krishnamachari,Rajalkshmi , (,Santhanam's)wife, Devi and Jaganathan are deceased

all are deceased

Kindly update accordingly. You are doing a great job.God bless j
you. with blessings , viji (vijayaraghavan)

6/27/2013 at 6:23 PM

Dear Mama,
I have been kind of busy lately because of a Wedding in the family .I am not mentioning that as an excuse but I must say I have been wanting to express my profound gratitude at the voluminous effort taken by you in detailing the family tree.I have not been able to do full justice in editing the tree and finding similarities in already existing members of the family on as a disconnected matching tree .There must be members of the family existent on Geni who belong to the descendant generations.I shall try to locate them and request a merge to do justice to your efforts.
I shall do my best at the earliest.The Wedding is on the 14th of July 2013
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan.

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7/28/2013 at 10:04 AM

I am Chitra Iyengar. I am Chinna Patti's grand daughter. Chinna Patti's father (also F-In-law of Krishna Iyengar) was from Srivakuntam. His name was Parthasarathy Iyengar. His wife was Janaki. Srivaikunta Thatha's grand sons, (Your father's cousins) are Raja, Thampu and Vasu. Raja and Thampu are in Chennai. Vasu is in Thiruvanaikkaval. His wife is the sister of Mythili (Venu's wife) who now lives in Krishna Gardens. Raja and Thampu will be able to give you a lot of information about the family tree.

7/28/2013 at 7:41 PM

Dear Mrs.Chitra iyengar,
Welcome to Geni!!!. Thank you very much.
Mrs. Mythily Venugopal's paternal family exists on Geni
Mrs.Vedavalli Narayanan,Mrs.Radha Parthasarathy,Mrs.Soumya Srinivasan,Mrs. Rama Padmanabhan are her sisters
Mrs.Soumya Srinivasan's husband Mr.C.Srinivasan is the son of P.Chinnasamy Iyengar and Mrs.C.Alwarammal
His brothers are Rajagopal C,parthasarathy C.and his sisters are Revathi S; kanakavalli C; janaki C; Pattammal R
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is the person I am talking about.If by any chance Raja, Thampu and Vasu are the same persons as Rajagopal Srinivasan and Parthasarathy and Chinna Patti is Alwarammal everything fits in right and the family exists on Geni. Moreover you haven't yet detailed your link to Chinna Patti.We shall be glad with any other information that is forthcoming.You could message me if the information has to be held privately.This is a public forum.

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8/4/2013 at 12:45 PM

No Alwarammal was not Chinna Patti. Chinna Patti was Alwar Ammal's husband Chinnaswamy's sister. I have mentioned earlier I am Chinna Patti's grand daughter. My mother Kanakavalli was Chinna Patti's daughter.
Chinna Patti had two daughters and one son. Pichamma, Kanakavalli and Souminarayanan. Pichamma died young, Kanakavalli married Padmanabha Iyengar and had eight children. I am the 7th.. Only four of us are alive now. Chinna Patti's son married his cousin (Chinnaswamy-Alwarammal's eldest daughter Kanakavalli alias 'kakku'). and had nine children.Six are alive now.

8/4/2013 at 7:44 PM

Dear Mrs.Chitra Iyengar and Vijayaraghavan Mama,
I think I am not right in troubling Senior citizens such as You and Vijayaraghavan Mama in asking for details.This much of certainty with which you are able to reply is truly amazing .
You have detailed a lot and makes me want asking for more.This is truly a laborious effort.Thank you very much.I have tried to do justice to the information provided. I shall get back to you as soon as I can get reasonable questions to ask.I hope you are pleased with the outcome.
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

8/4/2013 at 7:50 PM

Who would Vasu of Thiruvanaikkaval's wife be ?. Vedavalli Narayanan,or Radha Parthasarathy,or Rama Padmanabhan,now that it is not Soumya Srinivasan ?

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8/5/2013 at 2:46 AM

Vasu's wife is Soumya Srinivasan, no doubt. Why are you confused?Soumya is the sister of Mythili Venugopal. That's all I know. Vasu,her husband (Srinivasan) is the youngest son of Chinnaswamy Mama. He is my mother's cousin. My mother's mother and Chinnaswamy Mama were siblings of Kanakavalli Krishna Iyengar. By the way there were more siblings like Doraiswamy Mama, Rajappa Mama and one more Mama and one more sister too, who died at child birth. My Patti (Chinna) was the twin sister of Ranga Patti. Kindly tell me where you are in the tree.

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8/5/2013 at 2:52 AM

Please get things clear by asking one of the senior living members like Vasanthakka (Ambippa Mama's daughter) or my sister Pappa (Choodamani) who lives in Chennai. Phone 42054365. Krishna Iyengar passed away in 1931 because my mother used to say my Pappakka was born just around that time.

8/5/2013 at 5:44 AM

This is my profile.
Your Mother Kanaka Athai
→ chinna patty ,her mother
→ JANAKA RANGASWAMY ,her daughter

8/5/2013 at 5:52 AM

Dear Madam,
Sorry about the confusion.The problem was with the matching of Vasu,Raja and Thampu with Srinivasan,Rajagopal and Parthasarathy. Now it is settled.Thank you.
About clarifying things with elders over the Phone amounts to intruding people's privacy unless they have the time ,inclination and energy given their age.I am a bit hesitant on that issue,otherwise I would love to communicate.Thanks anyway . You have been very supportive.Thank you so much
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

@ dear soumya,
I was on a holiday for about week in Singapore,and malayasia, . before that
I spend some time a tSrirangam and Madurai. hence the silence for the last few weeks. I was reading the information given by my cousin chitra iyengar her mother kanaka athai is the first cousin of my father Ambiappa(venkataraghavan).my sister vasantha tells me that kanakvalli patty had one more sister by name Andal . As chitra pointed out Krishna iyengar died in 1931 in Thiruananthapuram. .I am trying to gather some more information from very old family members. I myslf is over 72. God bless you .Vijayaraghavan.K.V

8/5/2013 at 7:35 PM

Thank you Mama for your blessings.I have added kanakvalli patty's sister Andal to the tree.Shall stay in touch.
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

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8/5/2013 at 11:09 PM

Thanks Soumya for the update. Chinna Patti's son is Souminarayanan not SOUMYANARAYANAN. Am not sure whether I would like to take over the completion of my side of the family. Will think about it. Thanks a lot.

8/6/2013 at 5:13 AM

Mr.Vasu of Thiruvanaikkaval (C.Srinivasan)'s daughter Shraddha Srinivasan manages a profile
Son of kanakavalli C
Husband of Saroja
Brother of Anusuya; Srinivasaraghavan; Renuka Sampath; Menaka; and Jayanti.So I thought They would relate to that name better.
I have made the changes as suggested by you.
With best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

8/6/2013 at 6:35 PM

Dear Mr.Jayaraman ,Do you belong here ?
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Best regards,
Soumya Srinivasan

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8/7/2013 at 8:59 AM

Sorry Soumya, You are right. It is Soumyanarayanan. I stand corrected.

8/7/2013 at 6:39 PM

Please do not mention it.It is all in good will.I have changed it back

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