Robert William de Welles, Escheator of Lindsey - Robert Welles & Isabel Periton

Started by Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. Curator on Monday, July 15, 2013

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Robert Welles is connected to at least 3 children that were born after his listed death date of circa 1265, the dau. Cecily, the wife of Sir Thomas Strickland being born circa 1310. Cecily was alive in 1378 after the death of her husband, I doubt that she was born before the listed death of her father, she would of been over 113, her mother Isabel Periton died in 1315.

Either the dates for Robert Welles are not correct or there has been a mixup between two Robert's, or possibly Cecily was not even the child of Robert Welles & Isabel Periton. I have seen a reference in the History of Parliament for Robert's dates to be (1295-1320) and of him being of Hackthorpe, Westmld., husband of Isabel Periton, parents of Cecily, but no listed parents for him.

Our Royal, Titled, Noble, etc. has Robert d. circa 24 September 1265 of Hackthorp and Overwinder, Westmoreland, England, thepeerage agrees with the death date, and wife Isabel, but does not list Cecily.

These reference are not infalible.

The other children born after his death are John de Welles; Baron Richardus De Welles; possibly Phillip De Welles.

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