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Mary Rita Schlichte Robison
7/19/2013 at 7:08 AM

Gerson Robison (born 1848) is the great-grandfather of Jonathan Benjamin Robison (born Feb. 13, 1943).
Gerson was one of four siblings. The others were Lazurus (Eleazar?), who used the spelling Robinson rather than Robison, Abraham, and Froma. Lazurus's wife was Rebecca. Abraham's wife was Lena Leffel. Froma Robison's married name was Gittelson.
Gerson's first wife was Leah Hackerman. Her father's e was Joseph Hackerman. Gerson and Leah had five children--Theresa. Louis, Mindell, Sylvan, and Leah. Louis Robison is the grandfather of Jonathan Benjamin Robison. After the death of Leah, Gerson married Leah's sister Seine. They had seven children--Florence, Aaron, Isaac, Miriam, Linda, Julius, and Helen.
We have the following birth and death dates:
Theresa Robison 1871-1938
Louis Robison 1875- unknown You have Dec. 27, 1872, in Russia.
Mindell Robison 1879-1963 You have May 1879 in Baltimore, MD.
Sylvan Robison 1881-1936 You have May 15, 1880, in Maryland.
Leah Robison 1882-unknown You have February 1882 in Maryland.
Florence Robison 1885-unknown You have March 1883 in Maryland.
Aaron Robison 1887-unknown
Isaac Robison 1885-1934 1885 is clearly wrong, based on birth order.
Miriam Robison 1890-1943
Linda Robison 1892-1934
Julius Robison 1897-1967
Helen Robison 1903-1976 Helen was born in New York, based on your information that the family was at West 113th Street in New York by June 9, 1900.
Louis Robison married Paula Cohn. They had six children--Adolf (1904-1987), Gerson (1909-1979), David (1911-1978), Joseph (1912-1983), Lucy (1913-1971), and Hannah (1915-1990). Gerson is Jonathan Benjamin Robison's father. You have Paula's date of birth as 1879 in Germany. We know that her father Abraham Cohn was in the U.S. earlier because he was given the Congressional Medal of Honor for his Civil War service which began July 22, 1861. According to family oral history, he was only the second Jew to receive the Medal of Honor. He was born in 1832 in Guttentag, Silesia, Prussia. Guttentag is also known as Dobrodzien and is now part of Poland.
Paula's parents were Abraham Cohn and Fannie Zeller. Paula was the fifth of eight children. Her paternal grandparents were Nathan Cohn and Charlotte Lowenthal. Maternal grandparents were David Victor Zeller and Fredericka Walther.

To whom are you related? I am assuming that you are a descendant of Leah Robison.
Mary Rita Schlichte Robison (Jonathan Benjamin Robison's wife)

Private User
7/20/2013 at 2:36 PM

Hello, Mary. I haven't logged into this site for years, and here I find a message from you dated yesterday. Wow.

My brother's wife, Mary Ann Moses, is a descendant of Gerson Robison's son Sylvan. I pulled a lot of info together for her, quite a while ago, and I am sure to have some mistakes in there since I didn't spent a lot of time on it. A young man named Jonathan Robison provided much information to me, along with decent documentation, but I apologize for the facts that you know to be wrong.

Sylvan Robison married Sophia Moses, and Sophia's brother David Benjamin Moses was my sister-in-law's grandfather. So you see she has a fairly tangential relationship to the Robisons. I only have as much detail as I do because of young Jonathan Robison.

I will review your information and try to correct mine. Thanks.

DiAnn Iamarino Ohama

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