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Some months ago Pat Marshall pointed out to me that the words "Crest Wyvern Essex" at the head of the "George Squires descendants" document (on geni under George Squires: Sources) must refer to the Squires arms listed on Fairbairn's Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland as "Squires, Essex, on a wheel a wyvern with wings addorsed ppr." - http://books.google.ie/books?id=SsHCFIsiF8sC&pg=PA521&lpg=P...
"With wings addorsed" is heraldic language for wings above the body back to back, and "ppr." means in natural or usual colours.

I have been wondering how to relate this to our family and recently contacted the College of Arms in London (not often I talk on the telephone to someone whose job title is "York Herald"!). Fairbairn's book is an unofficial compilation and no-one other than Fairbairn knows exactly where he got his information. So all we can say is that there is, or was, a Squires family in Essex who used these arms. There's no way of tracing them.

So it may be that whoever compiled the document that I've called "George Squires descendants" knew of a connection of our Squires family with this Essex family. Or maybe (and I fear this is probably more likely) they found the information in Fairbairn's book (first published in 1892) themselves.

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