Frederick James Buchan - Visiting locations of Graves & Memorials in France

Started by Edward Buchan on Sunday, July 21, 2013


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7/21/2013 at 3:55 AM

I happen to be going to France, and will be visiting both of the burial/memorial locations detailed in the notes for Frederick James Buchan :

- "Le Roukloshille Military Cemetery 3.75 miles NW of Bailleul, France"; and
- "Military records note that a Memorial Cross is erected in Meteren War Cemetery"

It may not be that Frederick's grave is at either location, once again from the current notes: "On a visit to France in November 2000 (by his great-nephew Robert Buchan) it was discovered that there is no cemetery of any type at Le Roukloshille (statement by locals & unknown in Bailleul). A visit to three local cemeteries did not locate his grave. Each cemetery has a detailed list of the dead enclosed in a brass box".

The thing about these notes is that Meteren Cemetery ( is 3.75 KM (not miles) West-NW of Bailleul. (See maps My father was never able to find a "Le Roukloshille" as per his notes in November 2000; but he says Military records (which?) note a cross is erected at Meteran Cemetery.

I'll be going to Meteren as we are staying 20 mins drive from there.

I do note that the commonwealth war graces commission website lists a memorial being at the Villers-Bretonneux Australian Memorial. This I will also be visiting also travelling from Lille to Reims.

I'll update with any findings. Would like to confirm actual burial location.

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