Edith Clapp (Galanter) - What an amazing woman! Wait...what?!

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7/22/2013 at 8:53 PM

Edith Clapp (nee Galanter) has a listed birth year of 1604. And her son, William Clapp the Elder, was born in 1561. Quite a remarkable feat!

Or, more likely, a totally mistaken attribution -- particularly since the man to whom she was supposedly, Richard Clapp, died when she was 5 years old.

Can someone please separate Edith Galanter from this tree? She obviously doesn't belong to it.

Thank you.

7/22/2013 at 10:48 PM

It looks like she was confused with the unknown first wife of

Richard Clapp, of Dorchester

And actually belonged with a Richard Clapp of Sudbury, Suffolk, England.

I've created a new profile for the mother of Richard Clapp (of Devonshire's) 1st 6 children, but I'm running into a question in moving them over from 2nd wife Christian.

Is William Clapp "the elder" (not a church leader, as far as I can tell) the son of the 1st or 2nd wife? On line trees have Christian. Yet notes in the Geni profiles suggest otherwise ....

Thoughts (and sources) appreciated.

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7/23/2013 at 8:37 PM

Thanks, Erica, for clearing that up!

One thing puzzles me: isn't "Christian" a rather odd name for an Englishwoman in the 16th century? I've never come across that given name before.

In fact, given her lack of known ancestry, I find her entire profile suspect. The single paragraph on her in the "overview" (beginning "Agreement Christian CLAPP was born about 1540 in Sidbury, Devonshire, England. She signed a will in 1608...") is kind of a mess. Not that I know what to do to improve it, but I do wish that there was some way for Pro users to flag profiles that look dubious, and encourage other interested parties to marshal whatever primary sources they can, in the interests of verifying them. In the absence of primary sources listed, it's difficult to give such profiles much credence.

7/23/2013 at 9:05 PM

I come across Christian in that period particularly in the west counties. She was named in his will according to notes in the overview.

Anyone interested can jump in and assist in the sourcing effort, you know.:)

I presume the descent chain is through William "the elder" - so I'm interested in verifying whether he's a son from the unknown 1st wife or Christian as currently showing. I suspect the notes are good ones, that she is the mother of the youngest 3 children only - so I would need to move over 6 children, which is a bit of work. So I didn't want to do that until "other eyes" saw the same thing I do.

7/23/2013 at 9:07 PM

The flag is exactly what you've done - start a discussion. This also serves as a documentation trail if we have to make some (hopefully educated) guesses.

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