Unbelievable Nonsense Tree in Geni

Started by Rafi Kornfeld (c) on Sunday, July 28, 2013


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7/28/2013 at 2:07 AM

I tried to see my possible relation to Bart van der Meijden (he joined the Jewish Genealogy Portal). Geni says Bart is my 50th cousin. So I asked Geni to show how we are related.
If you look at the list I attached below, you can see several PURE NONSENSE ENTRIES.
The list includes several rabbis (possible), some sepharadic leaders (not probable) , The PROPHET MUHAMMED and his family (PURE NONESENSE), later on some french counts and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England, and John Lackland, King of England ,her son → Henry III of England ,his son → Edward I Longshanks, King of England ,his son → Edward II of England ,his son.
It seems to me that most parts of this tree is FAKE and WOULD LIKE TO BE TRUE.
Here is the whole relation list between myself and Bart van der Meijden
You → Erich Kornfeld , your father → Ernst Kornfeld ,his father → Henriette Kornfeld (Singer) ,his mother → Regine Regina Singer (Geiringer) ,her mother → Fanni Geiringer (Fidgor),her mother → David Jakob Fidgor ,her father → Regina Figdor ,his mother → Rebecca Sinzheim (Goldschmied-,ameln) ,her mother → Joseph Moses Goldschmied-Hameln ,her father → Moses Isaac Goldschmidt-Hameln ,his father → Hindchen Goldschmidt (Oppenheimer) ,his mother → Jehuda Loeb Oppenheimer ,her father → Moses Daniel Oppenheimer ,his father → Samuel Wolf Oppenheimer ,his father → Simon Wolf Oppenheimer ,his father → Joseph Loeb Jehuda Oppenheim, zum Schwert ,his father → Moses Oppenheim, zum Schwert ,his father → Juda Loeb Oppenheimer ,his father → Gutlin Oppenheimer (Weisenau) ,his mother → Henlin (Hanlin-Emelin) Weissenau (HaLevi) ,her mother → Sejnle-Schejnle (Bejle) HaLevi (aus Eppstein) ,her mother → Nathan (Natan) aus Eppstein, zum Buchsbaum ,her father → Jakob Natan HaLevi aus Eppstein ,his father → Natan aus Eppstein HaLevi, pre-Epstein ,his father → ? HaLevi ,his father → ? HaLevi ,his father → ? HaLevi ,his father → Aaron haLevi haRoeh of Barcelona / אהרון הלוי - ספר החינוך ,his father → Yosef / יוסף Halevi Benveniste / הלוי בנבנישתי ,his father → Benvenisti ben Yosef בן יוסף Ha'Levi ,his father → Rabeinu Yosef Hanassi ben Zrachya HaLevi, רבנו יוסף הנשיא בן זרחיה הלוי ,his father → Zerachiah haLevi of Girona (Ba'al haMaor) / רבנו זרחיה השני מחירונה ,his father → unknown bat Perfet Sheshet Nasi ,his mother → Reina bat Barzilai (bat Mar Shealtiel) ,her mother → Bonadona bat Mar Shealtiel Ibn Lakhtush ,her mother → Mar Solomon Shealtiel "Felez Ferruz" Pattish haHazak, Nasi, Vizier
her father → Yitzhak ben Chyzkia, Nasi ,his father → ???? bat Samuel ben Hophni Nagid I ,his mother → Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen haNagid, Last Gaon of Sura ,her father → Ḥophni Yosef ben Yakob haKohen Bar Saṭya, Gaon of Sura and Jaen al-Andalus ,his father → Kohen Ṣedeq II "Yakob" ben Yosef, Gaon of Pumbeditha ,his father → Natronai Yosef "Mari" haKohen, Gaon of Sura & Jaen al-Andalus ,his father → Hophni "Boaz" Kohen Ṣedeq ben Ivomai, Gaon of Sura ,his father → Mar Ivomai Mishael ben Hillel Kohen Zedeq, Gaon of Sura ,his father → Hillel "Hilai" ben "Mari", Gaon of Sura
his father → Meiri "Mari" ben Hananiah haKohen al-Nahr Peḳod, Gaon of Sura ,his father → Hananya "Dayan of the Gate" ben Haninai haKohen al-Nahr Paqod (ben Haninai bar Adai), Gaon of Sura ,his father → Haninai of Nehar Peḳkod ben Bustanai bar Adai (bar Adoi), Exilarch & Gaon of Sura ,his father → Adai bint Assad ibn Hashim (PBUH) ,his mother → Assad bin Imaam Hashim ,her father → Āmina bint Wahb ,his sister → Prophet Muhammad of Islam (PBUH) ,her son → Ruqayyah bint Muhammad ,his daughter → 'Aisha binte 'Uthman ,her daughter → Umm bint Marwân ibn al-Hakam al-Umayyah ,her daughter → Uthman Emir de Cordoba ibn Abu Musa ,her son → Susu bint Uthman ,his daughter → Bera IV, comte de Razès ,her son → Argila, comte de Razès ,his son → Bera V, comte de Razès ,his son → Hildéric I, comte de Razès ,his son → Siegbert VI, Count of Razès ,
his son → Guilhelm II, Count of Razès ,his son → Guillaume III, Count of Razès ,his son → Arnaud I, Count of Razès ,his son → Bera VI the Architect, Count of Razès ,his son → Sigebert VII, Count of Razès ,his son → Agnès de Razès ,his daughter → Hugues le Blanc de Lusignan, III ,her son → Unknown wife of Foucauld (NN) ,his daughter → Gerberge de la Rochefoucauld ,her daughter → Boson (Boso) de Châtellérault, Vicomte de Châtellérault ,her son → Aimery I, vicomte de Châtellérault ,his son → Aénor de Châtellerault, duchess of Aquitaine ,his daughter → Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France and England ,her daughter → John Lackland, King of England ,her son → Henry III of England ,his son → Edward I Longshanks, King of England ,his son → Edward II of England ,his son → Eleanor of Woodstock ,his daughter → Regnald III, hertog van Gelre ,her son → Jan van Hattem ,his son → Roelof Jansz van Hattem ,his son → Dirk Roelofsz van Hattem ,his son → Arndt Dirksz van Hattem ,his son → Jan Arndtsz van Hattem ,his son → Geurt Jansz van Hattem ,his son → Jan Geurtsz van Hattem ,his son → Dirkske van Hattem ,his daughter → Gijsbert van Essevelt ,her son → Joost van Esseveld ,his son → Johanna Joosten van Esseveld ,his daughter → Klaartje Metman ,her daughter → Cornelis Hendriksen van Ravenswaaij ,her son → Klara Cornelia van Ravenswaaij ,his daughter → Lubbert van der Meijden ,her son → Jannigje van der Meijden ,his daughter → Jannigje Hendrika van den Dikkenberg ,her daughter → Maria Hendrika Veldhuizen (Lagemaat) ,her daughter → Dinie van der Meijden ,her daughter → Bart van der Meijden ,her son

7/28/2013 at 5:21 AM

Yes, and if you are examining individuals in such depictions, then you'll realize that a father was born 300 years after his son, or that a person died as a small child has women and children! Those depictions I've had!

7/28/2013 at 1:00 PM

Yes, a lot of strange entries are scattered in various trees. I wish somebody finds a way to find these wrong entries and delete them.

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