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I am the daughter of deceased father Roy Layton Tedders who is the son of John L Tedders who is the son of George Tedders who is the son of George Tedders(Tudors) who is the son of Stephen Tedders (Tudors) and married to Princess Morning Star. I am looking for any kind of documentation to prove my lineage dating back to the 1783/89 Peace treaty and even dating back to 1601 when our first descendant, not sure of his name but "bone parte" something, first landed on our lands. Any copies that are certified are even better. I would very much appreciate you help as your info is the first info that substantiates that George Tedders my great grandfather is related to George Tedders (Tudors) and his father Stephen Tedders (Tudors). Please contact me if you can help me with more information on my fathers lineage, Roy Layton Tedders. Our lineage proves sovereignty for those who were on the lands dating back to the peace treaty and the original 13 states. Hope you can help me and are you on facebook or have your own website.


brenda theresa tedders

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1/21/2018 at 3:38 PM

Hello. I am karen Hicks and according to what I’ve read I am related to Stephen Tedders. I was wondering if you had found out anything? My email is Thanks!

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