Daniel Warren, Jr. - Clarificaton of Daniel Warren Jr and his descendants

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from "Waltham as a Precinct of Watertown and as a Town 1630-1884" by Edmund L. Sanderson John and Daniel, sons of Ensign John Warren, bought in 1710 from John Coolidge 56 acres, the southern parts of lots 29 and 30 in the first squadron. Daniel seemingly bought his brother's half although the transaction is not recorded. The Daniel Warren who lived at this place is stated by Bond to have been the son of Daniel and Elizabeth (Whitney) Warren, born in 1686. This is an evident mistake for that Daniel was the one who married Rebecca Garfield, moved to Marlborough and then to Westboro where he was living when he was made administrator of his fathers estate in Weston near Kendall Green. Daniel of the West Precinct was Great grandson of John the pioneer, grandson of Daniel and son of Ensign John. He married Hannah Biglow in 1711 and second, in 1717, Mehitabel Garfield. He died early in 1731 but his widow lived on the homestead until her death in 1782, age ninety-three. John Viles, a son-in-law, acquired a considerable part of the estate, buying from Daniel Warren, Jr. in 1786. In 1800 he sold the place to Solomon Harrington.

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