Elsie Sophia van Zyl, b4c3d7e5 - Consistency error

Started by John Edward Hersey on Thursday, August 1, 2013


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8/1/2013 at 6:26 AM

There's an error with the fathers information at the very least.
1.) Father dies aged 11 and has numerous children.
2.) Daughter is born 18 years after his death.

Father: Jacobus Albertus van Zyl, b4c3d7
Birth: October 3, 1772
Death: 1783 (11)

Daughter: Elsie Sophia van Zyl, b4c3d7e5
Birth: November 13, 1801
Death: November 16, 1888 (87)
Voorhuis, Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa

8/1/2013 at 10:47 PM

On the profile of Elsie Sophia I placed the following comment some time ago: Some additional information for you from SAG 12:
She died on November 16, 1888 at Voorhuis, dist. Swellendam. SAG 12 gives the same father but a different mother, namely Cornelia Christina van Biljon. Because her first child was named Cornelia Christina, I think the SAG 12 information is probably correct. Or do you have other documentation? If so, I would love to have it in order to pass it on to the editors of SAG for correction in the next digital version.

This thinking is based on SA naming patterns where the first daughter was usually named after the mother of the bride.

At the moment her mother is still given as Martha Magdalena Rossouw.
I did find a KAB file in NAAIRS: Memorials received. Martha Magdalena Rossouw, widow of Jacobus Albertus van Zyl. Exemption from taxation. Starting 1833. Ending 1833. KAB CO 3967-146-1

From this I conclude that Jacobus Albertus died after 1820 (birth of youngest child) and before 1833 (document mentioned above).

However, looking at the birth dates of the children now listed on Geni, I wonder whether we have not merged two Jacobus Albertus van Zyl profiles: Two children born in 1801, two days apart; two children born in 1812, 11 months apart. Unusual, to say the least.

In KAB I found death notices for Jacobus Albertus van Zyl: 1859, 1863, 1870 etc. However, that is too late considering the 1833 date mentioned in the tax exempt document of his widow.

Looking forward to hear what others on Geni have to contribute...

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