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Started by David Anthony Creech on Saturday, March 22, 2014
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Richard Creich (Creech is the English spelling) emigrated to Jamestown, Virginia, as a mercenary guard to the English tobacco farmers. This Richard was killed on the outer perimeter of Jamestown during an attack by indians. His wife and daughter also died, but his two sons away at school at the time survived to become ancestors of the Family Creich in the colonies.


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Richard Creech

Notes: James M. Creech (JMC), 1980 Revised MSS, "Creech Family", writes that Richard Creech was brought to America by William Carter and arrived in North America, by or before 1622, in James City County, Virginia. The Creech family was in England as early as 1197 and in Scotland as early as 1204. In Scotland they were of Fifeshire and owed allegiance to the MacDuffs. According to James M. Creech (JMC), Richard Creech was the first Creech to come to America from the Highlands of Scotland and sailed aboard the ship "Journeyman" with Captain William Carter in about 1622, before 1623. JMC must have had evidence, but we have not found it.

In "Cavaliers and Pioneers", Nell M. Nugent, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1979, p. 42, states that William Carter was given 100 acres by the James City Company, 20 May 1636, from Patent Book I, Part 1, p. 359, being a neck of land near unto the head of Lower Chippokes Creeck (sic), East upon same, South upon the land of Robert Sheppard, North towards James River, for transfer of Michael Siler and Richard Crich (Creech). Note by Roy G. Creech: It is suspected that these two men were guards trained by the military for the settlement to help defend against the Indians. There were many Indian uprisings during this period and about 400 settlers were killed in James City settlement area in 1622, almost destroying the settlement. Another major Indian uprising occurred in 1644 (Dan Lacy, American Book Publishers Council, "Virginia", The Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 28, 1958 Edition, pp. 116-125, 1958). Apparently the Indians were resisting further expansion of the settlement. King James I changed Virginia to a royal colony in 1624, thereby changing its status from commercial enterprise to a commonwealth.

Evidence at hand is that Richard Critch (Creech?), age 27, came to America in 1635 (boarded ship in London on 4 Jul 1635 for "Virginia in America"), in "Passengers to America" by Michael Tepper, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, p 90, 1978 (Confirmed by RGC). Charles Waddell Creech supports the 1635 date (ca. 1635) in his article. See Sources below. Charles W. Creech is a native of Johnston Co., NC, a descendent of Joshua Creech (son of Benjamin Creech and Mary Lewis) and Sally Stanford of Johnston Co., NC, and brother of Ezekiel, Sr.

J. M. Creech writes that Richard Creech, his wife Frances, and young daughter were killed by Indians in James City, VA, in about 1630, with two sons surviving (Henry and Nicholas). Henry is said to have been 9 years of age when his family was killed. Henry and Nicholas were reared by their uncle, John Beale/Beels. James Beels' (Beale) will, found in "Abstracts of Wills", Pasquotank Co., VA, was written 3 Nov 1721, probated Apr 1722, and names wife and executrix, Ann, son John Beels, plantation. Witnesses: John Perkens, Henry Creech, and George Lumley (Confirmed by RGC).

Charles Waddell Creech states that the family story is that Richard Creech from Scotland settled in James City Co., VA about 1635, and that Richard and his wife and three children were killed by the Indians, except 9-year old Henry, who was away from his home at the time (conflicts with JMC in that JMC states that Nicholas and Henry survived). The Nicholas in Lower Norfolk County, VA in 1640 may not have been the son of Richard and Frances Beale (Beels) Creech, since so little is known about this Nicholas Creech, but he probably is the same Nicholas. These independent accounts are very similar, however.

There are: a Creich Village, Creich Church Ruins, Creich Cemetery, and Creich Defensive Tower (Castle) Ruins in Fife, Scotland (photos in file of RGC, provided by Whitney & Michele Creech, 1997). Creich (from Gaelic) is apparently spelled Creech in English.

James City was the original settlement in VA near the mouth of the James River in 1607. The second group arrived in June, 1610. James City settlement became Jamestown. The first group consisted of about 100 men who cleared land for a plantation. The second and later groups had families who sought to make this their new home. Richard Creech appears to have been close behind.

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