Capt. Henry Eanruig Creech, Sr. - A little History on Henry Creech

Started by David Anthony Creech on Saturday, March 22, 2014
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3/22/2014 at 12:54 PM

2. Henry Creech, Sr. was born 1635 in James City, Virginia, and died 1728
in Albemarle, North Carolina. He married Joyce Paine, about 1653 in James
City County, Virginia, daughter of Benjamin Paine.
She was born about 1633 in James City, Virginia, and died about 1712.
Henry Creech was was nine when his family was killed in 1646.
He was taken in and reared by an uncle, John Beale, Sr.
He settled on Areanoos Creek on the northeast side of the Pasquotank River
in old Albemarle County of the Carolina Colony.
He received a land grant of 500 acres 30 March, 1704.
This land adjoined the lands of the Yawpins Indians located on the North
River which was granted to the Indians for a reservation.
Henry was a Justice of the Peace in the new colony from 1691 to 1698.
Henry Creech wrote his will 16 Aug 1709, but it was never probated.
The will named as wife and executrix: Joyce. Son-in-law John Dailie was
given "land at beetree neck." Sons Thomas and William were given "land
called ye bald ridge."
Other sons were Richard and Henry.
Witnesses: Elenor James; his daughter-in-law, Tamer Creech; John Belt.
Recorded, p.28.
He died about 1728, in Albemarle County, in the Carolinas.

Notes for Henry Creech:
-Abstract of Land Patent No. 335, p. 124 - granted 400 acres at Irlington on
the head of Areanoos Creek on the northeast side of Pasquotank River,
joining William Jennings and Willow Tree Swamp - witnessed by Robert Daniel,
Francis Tomes, Richard Sanderson, W. Glover on 20 Mar 1704.
-No. 336, p. 136 - land grant in the King and Nation of theYawpin Indians on
2 Oct 1704 - 10.240 acres on the Northeast and Southwest side of the North
River, joining Henry Creech
-received another grant 200 acres 20 Apr 1682

Children of Henry Creech and Joyce Paine
i. Henry Creech, Jr., born 1654.
ii. Frances Creech, born 1656. married John Daine
iii.Thomas Creech, born 1659, died 1701
iv.William Creech, born 1660
3. v. Richard Creech, Sr.

7/15/2021 at 8:52 PM

David glad to see you have not gone with the 1621 birth date. I don't know where that came from. Richard Crouch the supposed father for that date is in a census created in 1623 of survivors and dead after the 1622 massacre at Jamestown. He was according to the list born in 1586, and was a carpenter from "Howton" {Houghton) England. Richard Creich (the only Creich I can find on early 1600s immigration lists) arrived in 1635. Just wondering where the 1635 birth date comes from? I have also seen 1637. But don't know where that comes from either. Either may be right but how do we know? There is a John Bell (Bell and Beale are thought to be the same name spelled differently as was common then) that arrived in Virginia in 1638. I don't know if Henry's mother came with Richard in 1635, was already there, or came with her brother in 1638. Would love to have some information on that if you have any.

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