Rebecca Wiener (Levy) - The Levy Family

Started by Alfred "Ed Moch" Cota on Friday, July 18, 2014


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7/18/2014 at 11:47 PM

With the influx of The growing Jewish Community into San Francisco, many families established themselves with far less discrimination and bias (internally-externally). As a cosmopolitan city, San Francisco had it's many benefits. Various members of "The Levy Family" and their name variations depicted different family lines. In the case of Rebecca Levy-Weiner, Daughter of Sophie Lewis-Levy-Marcus, the name of her Father," John" is speculative, but his last name Levy seems correct. Having close and distant family Show Business connections to Earp, Marcus, Belasco, Benrimo, etc. of San Francisco... I have a set of Great+ Grandparents, Named Arthur and Rebecca Ester Levy-Alexander that might connect to Rebecca Levy-Weiner by way of New York City in which part of this Levy Family line, did go and settled in San Francisco, which may be off by one or two generations. UntilI can verify and connect these lines... I welcome/invite anyone that can add and/or complete this line of Rebecca Levy-Weiner.

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