Elizabeth Higbee DeNeffe - The origins of Elizabeth Long Higbee

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Elizabeth Long was born in Missouri. At a very young age a marriage was arranged for he with a much older widowed farmer with children. There were accounts of her being mistreated, certainly she was made to raise someone the children of someone else, and succumbed to share the bed and rights thereof with a man who was older and for whom she had no affinity. Pregnant, she ran away from the situation. It was at some point during this period she met Frank David Higbee, Sr. She had the baby, given the name Agnes Columbia Higbee. Though not his child, he became the father and assumed all duties. Frank and Elizabeth Long may or may not have legally been married since she had run away from her first husband. In 1900/01 the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune published a headline and story whereupon Elizabeth was suing for a "Surprise Divorce" with Frank. Hence my dubious thoughts about the marriage. She left Frank, later moving to California and becoming a Real Estate Broker, herself, later raising a farm near Bend, Oregon. When she and Mason Frederick DeNeffe married, I'm not sure. She had left both Agnes and Frank under the guardianship of their father. She'd accused him of swindling Real Estate ventures and above all secretly trying to poison her. It is rumored the Frank had picked up syphilis. Frank died shortly thereafter at a young age, leaving the children orphaned and abandoned by their mother. The children moved to Iowa and lived with Frank's father David Higbee and his family. Frank jr. said he'd never met a nicer man than his Grandfather. However 3 short years later in 1907, their Grandfather died and the children were sent to live with their Aunt Nellie Higbee, a spinster, (so called, maiden aunt) in Kansas City, Missouri where their married Aunt Mary Higbee also resided in town with her husband William Reeves and their son.

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