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Started by Eowyn Langholf (GFR Cousin Coordinator) on Sunday, July 20, 2014


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Hi Geni GFR-ers!

Lisa is already a member of Geni and has a tree started but no connection to AJ yet. If someone wants to take her under their wing and see if they can help her find one that would be awesome.

Here's her profile: Lisa Goodgame



7/20/2014 at 5:57 PM

Lisa & friends

Very nice start to your tree, but we're going to need to take it further back.

Ira Buerger

Can we find dates & location for her parents?

I would be looking in the 1870 & 1880 census, available free on

7/21/2014 at 8:35 AM

Lisa Goodgame I found a great article dated October 26, 1997 in the Galveston daily news on Nevile and Darrell Goodgame

The article is headlined "Roots Run Deep" and includes a photo of them and their home.

SOURCE: Galveston Daily News; October 26 1997; pages A6-A7

Here's a raw extraction of the text without any corrections:

"The modest shotgun

house on Avenue QM has

been the center

of Nevil Goodgame's Hie for 75 years.

She grew up there. She spent her

early married years one block away and

went there every day for motherly ad-
vice and aide in raising her twin boys.

And she returned to it years later

with plans to live, grow old and die

there with her husband, Darrell.

To Goodgame, 77, the house is the

repository of perhaps 100 years of family

stuff, the gathering place for family

events and the central locale of family

history and lore.

"My father and grandfather built the

house with whatever lumber Grandpa

could scrounge up," Goodgame said.

"Grandpa was a packrat, always

bringing something home. They told

me there are timbers under here that

came from the original causeway. They

used to say that if a flood came, it would

float like a barge. I don't know if any of

that is true."

What is painfully true is that the

Goodgames' home is now the central

locale of what's shaping up to be a spin

doctor's nightmare as Galveston Col-
lege administrators urge the couple to

sell and move off the property so the

campus can expand.

The college has been trying to buy

the land for about three years, admin-
istrators say, and lately its letters have

included mention of eminent domain.

The Goodgames have so far been in-

"I know they have the power to take

our property," said Darrell Goodgame,

82, who goes by the nickname D.D.

T3ut they will have to get the police

and handcuff us and physically drag

us out of here. We just want to be left

alone until one of us dies, then they

can have it."

Kathryn Sullivan, vice president of

Administrative Services at Galveston

College, has the unenviable and per-
haps impossible task of moving the

Goodgames without looking like an ogre
employed by a heartless insti-
tutional juggernaut.

"We are trying to work with

the Goodgames," she said. "If

they would only sit down and

talk to us we could work some-
thing out.

"This has caused me a great

deal of personal distress. I un-
derstand their feelings but this

expansion is going to happen."

The 3900 block of Avenue QX

is a short stretch of street that

dead-ends at one of the campus'

main entrances.

The college already owns six'cf

the eight houses on the block,

is near closing on the seventh

and needs the Goodgames land

to get the expansion under way

by early next year.

The expansion wiH benefit the

whole community by increasing

classroom space, parking and

perhaps the student center, Sul-
livan said.

And it will change the neigh-
borhood dramatically.

"Theirs would be the only-
house left on the street," Sul-
livan said. "It would be a very

strange situation. We have of-
fered to help them find a new

home or to move the house if

thafs the issue," Sullivan said.

And while Darrell Goodgame

is adamant that he and his wife

will not budge, Nevil offers a

glimmer of compromise.

This is my home and I have a

great sentimental attachment

to it," she said. "If they want to

offer me market value and

something for my attachment,

maybe we can talk."

7/21/2014 at 8:41 AM

Also I'm finding lots of info on your family including several death certificates, newspaper articles, and census records.

I would carefully transfer all of the info documented already on familysearch over to geni so that you and other can flesh out your tree further in attempts to connect it to AJ's.

Her is your starting place on familysearch:
And the same profile on geni: Ira Buerger

7/22/2014 at 10:28 AM

Thanks for your comments and contributions! Excuse my ignorance, because I am often quite confused by how Geni works, but Randy, I think that the people in the family tree search you linked to are already in my Geni tree. No idea what I need to do next!

There's also an extensive family tree of my mother's cousin's family (same great-grandparents, I believe) on MyHeritage, and I wish there were some way to link them together. Aren't Geni and MyHeritage part of the same company? If anyone knows if that's a possibility, please point me in the right direction :).

That article about my grandparents' (and great-grandparents') house is well-known to me. As a follow-up to the story, they did end up selling the house (which was a sort-of 2 bed/1 bath shotgun style on 4-foot piers) and it was moved to another lot in Galveston. They ended up moving to League City, over the causeway back on the mainland.

My grandmother was one of the police dispatchers for Galveston, and one of the first few women dispatchers for many years.

I will try to find the family tree she worked on to add more people. I have no idea where it ended up when she and my grandpa had to move.

7/22/2014 at 11:15 AM

Hi Lisa

Thanks for checking in.

MyHeritage, which is private / standalone trees, owns Geni, which is one interconnected "world family" tree. There is easy visibility between the two platforms but at this point "separate" data entry is needed.

An analogy is my cousin keeps our standalone tree on but our "connected" tree is Geni.

So - in order to connect, it is really, really hard (for me impossible) without more identifying data in the Geni profiles, and as mentioned, probably expanding your Geni tree further back.

I'm sure you wouldn't find it terribly hard to enter the data?

7/22/2014 at 12:11 PM

Unfortunately it doesn't go further back on mom's side, it just goes sideways and down. We only have records back to the ancestors who immigrated to the US at the turn of the century.

7/22/2014 at 12:25 PM

We've been able to connect to AJ "sideways and down.". In fact that's my closest connection - twisty, but accurate.

7/22/2014 at 12:41 PM

Good to know! I will work on it.

7/23/2014 at 5:02 AM

Hi Lisa,

It looks like some of your family are already on Geni. If sent a request to merge Jerome Nathan Plantowsky. Completing/approving this merge will connect your tree to the Global Tree.

Kind Regards,

7/23/2014 at 5:03 AM

Sorry, that second sentence should start I've sent you not if :-)

7/23/2014 at 7:49 AM

You guys are great. I was getting nowhere. Thank you.

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