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Started by Eowyn Langholf (GFR Cousin Coordinator) on Sunday, July 20, 2014


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Hi GFR-ers!

Here's another individual who already has a tree going on Geni and would like to connect to AJ and the Global Family if anyone wants to help her!

Here's her profile: Rosemary Breen


7/20/2014 at 9:35 PM

Great to see the tree building!

Could Rosemary fill in more profile details for John Breen & his wife?

(Dates & locations)

In addition, fill in siblings & their spouses, etc.

These names seem Irish so we will be looking for "Exogomy" events.

Hi Erica - would you be able to contact Rosemary directly and suggest that? Thanks!

7/23/2014 at 1:05 AM


Im snowed under at the moment and dont really have much to add.

Ive researched the Deer side much more than the Breen side.

But will check in gain when I can add to this.



7/23/2014 at 1:51 AM

Nathan Luke Cowdrey take a look if you would be so kind - apparently this is Australia?

7/23/2014 at 3:17 AM

Hi Erica. I will have a look. I used to work with a Breen :-)

7/23/2014 at 3:45 AM

Hi Rosemary Breen.

I have connected you to the global tree. You are currently my stepmother's third great uncle's wife's niece's husband's aunt's husband's third great niece.

I'm sure this will change as the tree grows! :-)


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