Major General Norman "Dutch" Cota - " I Love A Man In Uniform" Norman and Connie... A Unique and A Wonderful love Story

Started by Alfred "Ed Moch" Cota on Wednesday, July 23, 2014


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7/23/2014 at 10:53 PM

There are many stories on how your parents met. Many came in the usual way of "Boy Meets Girl ", but this one is more than a family story. It is one for all to remember. In the middle of "World War One"... The American Army Expeditionary forces...Headed by Gen.John "Black Jack" Pershing, assembled and went to join other Allied Forces to Europe in 1917. Having a short tenure, Newly Graduated USMA, West Point, Lieutenant, Norman Daniel Cota Sr., went along as well.
In 1918... a Silent Film was made, called, "Joan of Plattsburgh". Directed by, Samuel Goldwyn, the film was a light hearted spoof of Broadway's "Joan of Arc", originally performed by Renowned Stage Actress-Performer, Maude Adams. In this version, it was performed by Noted Actress-Performer and Comedianne, Mabel Norman. Playing a modern day, World War One Joan, living in Plattsburgh, New York... nearby a US Army facility. As like "Joan of Arc", Mable becomes involved in 'hearing unusual voices in her head' of what sounded like German/American-like accents, plotting to commit 'An Act of Domestic Terrorism'.
Trying to get her gumption/spirit up, to pass what she heard... She approaches US Army Commander, Captain Lane and His Wife, Mrs. Lane. Between the swooning of Mable, falling in love with men in uniform and her passing on her information, she saves the day.
The theme of the movie, turned out to be popular... so popular, that even The U.S. Government saw "Joan of Plattsburg" a meaningful and cautionary tale to review their National Security Issues, now that The United States, was now involved with forces in Europe.
Meanwhile... Call it timing, Lieutenant Cota was at the right place at the right time. Promoted twice in a short time on the field... reaching the rank of US Army Major, Norman Cota was quickly sent back to Stateside and given command of a regiment, stationed in New York City. While on duty, Commander-Major, Norman D. Cota, oversaw with his associates, the domestic security and safety of The New York City Area. not too long after, World War I ended, he oversaw and processed troops returning back from Europe to New York. While there... Major Cota and His Officer Associates, received an personal invitation to a "New York Tea Party and Dance". To be invited to such an event, was special... as there were quite a number of eligible single young ladies, Daughters of New York Society.
When Commander Major Cota and His Fellow Invited Offices came to the event... it was obvious between The Ladies of New York meeting eligible 'Officers and Gentlemen', the aura and interest of beauty and handsome was the New York social talk of the town.
One of the youngest ladies... just turning Eighteen, Constance Martha Alexander, The Daughter of a Wall Street Lawyer, took her gumption and locked her eyes on the dashing Commander-Major. If this was a case of "Love at first sight"... this was it! In a short love-struck romance... Both announced their engagement and marriage, a few months later in November of 1919.
You can imagine... what that 'wedding list' must have contained and the church where the wedding was performed.
I wish I was a fly on the wall, to see what would be my Grandparents marriage and the Noted Attending Families and Guests.

Though I have not found the list yet... I did discover, a family member on My Grandmother's side that would have attended. Her Great Grandaunt, Renowned Stage-Screen Actress, Edith McAlpin and some of her immediate family of Broadway. To my wide eyed surprise... Great+ Grandaunt Edith, was none other than the very actress that performed, "Mrs. Lane", in the Movie, Joan of Plattsburgh"!!!

Edward Moch (aka: Alfred Cota)

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