Any French Speaking Cousins want to go on the Radio?

Started by A.J. Jacobs on Thursday, May 12, 2016


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5/12/2016 at 2:27 PM

Hello cousins!
I was approached by a radio producer at Radio Canada in Quebec. She had seen my TED talk about the global family and Geni and wanted to do a segment on it and interview me live on Sunday.
But it's in French! Which I definitely do not speak. Pas de tout.
I offered to ask if anyone out here is a French speaker who would be interested. If you are, send me an email when you can. Thanks!

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5/14/2016 at 5:52 AM

How about George Homs?

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5/14/2016 at 7:34 AM

Let me tag some Curators
George J. Homs
Paul Louis Doré

5/14/2016 at 12:30 PM

What was the TED talk ?

The GENI project is so vast in breath and depth that I hesitate to say yes for fear of not properly represent the big picture.

I would though love to talk simply of my 12 years of of discovery in searching, tracing, documenting and sharing historical and ancestral heritage of french and Irish in Quebec and Ontario working with GENI .

If it would help.

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5/14/2016 at 1:14 PM
5/16/2016 at 5:57 AM

right, Thsnks

6/26/2016 at 3:26 PM

Hello Cousin,

I loved your TED talk. I am the kind who watches TED’s while doing cardio and I remember my pace going faster on the cardio machine when listening to your ancestry stories. They were quite stimulating.

I would be happy to be your voice on French Radio Canada. I am sure we can deliver a fabulous story to French-Canadian audiences.

Let me know what the next step.


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6/26/2016 at 5:58 PM

What happened with the world largest family reunion, did it occur?

6/26/2016 at 8:12 PM

Yes, last year. See:

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6/26/2016 at 8:30 PM

Just watched the 2 minutes clip of it, thanks Erica!

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