Ann Hurlburt (unknown) - Samuel Allen husband of Ann who married William Hurlburt

Started by Kay Lundell on Tuesday, May 17, 2016
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5/17/2016 at 8:07 AM

He is not the Samuel Allen who came from Braintree. He is not the brother of Matthew Allen. This error needs to be stopped.

5/17/2016 at 10:43 AM

Kay Lundell

The citation in the profile is

From Ecclesiastical and Other Sketches of Southington, Conn (Google eBook) Heman Rowlee Timlow Case, Lockwood and Brainard Company, 1875 - Southington (Conn.) - 578 pages. page xiii. "Southington Genealogies."

"Samuel Allen, from Braintree, Essex County, England, came to this country, and settled first at Cambridge, Mass.; thence to Windsor, Conn., about 1635, where he died April, 1648, leaving his wife, Ann, and six children. She removed to Northampton, Mass., and married again.


Do you have another source to follow ?

5/18/2016 at 12:48 AM

Yes. Several of them. The Allen Memorial, second series, Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut 1640-1907 by Orrin Peer Allen of Palmer, Massachusetts; III.THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION COMES FROM CAPE COD GENES at"Genes1.6 - Person Sheet" Samuel Allen -[an online database]; Ancestry com. Our colonial and continental ancestors: the ancestry of Mr. and Mrs. Louis William Dommerich [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Operations Inc, 2005.
Original data: De Forest, Louis Effingham,. Our colonial and continental ancestors : the ancestry of Mr. and Mrs. Louis William Dommerich. New York, N.Y.: DeForest Pub. Co., 1930

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5/21/2016 at 5:34 PM

Hello, I am interested in this as Samuel Allen, of South Windsor is my 9th Great Grandfather.

Thank you for starting this discussion.

Is the confusion Braintree in Essex, England vs. Braintree, Massachusetts?

The book, The Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Connecticut shows the following:

SAMUEL ALLEN came from Braintree/ Essex County, England. He
was born about the year 1588, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. He
came to Cambridge, Mass., in 1632; was brother of CoL Matthew Allyn,
of Cambridge^ Mass., afterwards of Windsor and Hartford, Ct;., and Dea.
Thomas Allyn, of Middletown, Ct. He removed to Connecticut in 1635,
and settled in Windsor. He was a juryman March 5, 1644, and was by
occupation a farmer. He married an Ann, but he died leaving 6 children, she remarried and went to Northhampton.

Compared to the Samuel Allen of Braintree, Massachusetts Samuel Allen, of Braintree who also married an Ann. She died and he remarried a Margaret.

I am not showing a brother Matthew on his profile, so maybe that has been sorted out?

The Allen Memorial shows Samuel Allen of Braintree, Essex/Windsor, CT is the brother of Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown. Thomas had no children, so he left his estate to the sons of Samuel Allen. I cannot locate a profile for this Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown on Geni.

And that Thomas Allyn, of Braunton & Barnstable& Matthew Allyn, of Braunton & Windsorare brothers?;view=1up;seq=19

I can see how confusing this has been. Are the profiles correct now?

5/21/2016 at 8:05 PM

Just tagging Samuel Allyn, of Braunton to add to the discussion

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5/21/2016 at 8:29 PM

Angus Wood-Salomon do we have a profile for Deacon Thomas Allen/Allyn/Allin of Middletown here on Geni? He would have a birthdate close to Samuel in the late 1590's-1600? Died in Middletown after 1648. No children. Thanks!

5/22/2016 at 10:39 AM

Private User
I would suggest adding a profile for him Deacon Thomas Allen/Allyn/Allin of Middletown I could not find one that was already created

5/23/2016 at 8:27 AM

Wow these people were born all over the map

5/23/2016 at 9:00 AM

Now if you add Braintree, Essex to the mix it is even worse

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5/27/2016 at 3:39 PM

We have had many discussions in the past trying to sort out the trees for all of the Samuel Allens that lived in New England during the colonial period. They are frequently confused with each other. There was a custom in place at the time to give several children of the same generation the same name, and Samuel Allen was a common one.

6/1/2016 at 6:38 PM

I'll try and assist with what I have on the Allen/Allyn's. I did a count on this surname from my FTM and the count is over 180. I do have a Samuel I Allen, b.o/a 1588 at Brain Tree, Essex, England, d. 24 Apr 1648 in South Windsor, Hartford, CT., and was married 9 Sep 1632 in Brain Tree, Norfolk, MA to Ann Whitmore b. 30 Jul 1611 in Brain Tree, Norfolk, MA, d. 13 Nov 1687 in Northhampton, Hampshire, MA.

They had issues: The count is more than 6, and this concerns me because I have a count of 11. Apparently,

I had some erroneous merges within my Allyn/Allens. I'll try and sort them out and place the 180 profiles in its proper place, and I'll get back with you.



6/10/2016 at 9:00 AM

Well, I am back.

Last week I had spent over 30 hours in trying to place all the Allen/Allyn's in their prospective places. I found 2 from Braintree, 15 is from Coby, 5 from Weymouth, 9 from Braunton, and over 21 in other locations in England UK.

Now, in the USA, I have 52 in MA, 52 in CT, 8 in NY, 3 in VT, 2 in VA, 2 in OH, 1 in UT, and 1 in NJ.

So, if anyone has any questions concerning their names, I would be more than happy to assist.



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6/10/2016 at 5:52 PM

Kenneth Joseph Bagg Neder did you make any determinations or make any headway on where Samuel Allen, of South Windsor is from before Windsor, CT?

6/11/2016 at 10:36 AM

From what I see, his last location was South Windsor, Hartford Ct. So, my guess is that Windsor, Hartford CT was before South Windsor.

From his issues with Ann Whitmore off eleven children, I had removed those that are not from Hartford, CT, and was left with seven.

They are: Nehamiah I Allen, b.o/a 1648, in South Windsor, Hartford, CT., Ann b. o/a 1648 in Windsor, CT, Rebecca b. o/a 1643 in South Windsor, CT., Mary(!) b. 30 Mar 1634, Windsor, CT., John b. 5 Apr 1638 in Windsor, CT., Samuel II b. 10 Nov 1632 in Windsor, CT., and Mary(2) b. 11 Dec 1641 in South Windsor, Hartford, CT.

I don't know if any of the above issues is the same as yours. Let me know.

Hear from you soon.

Your Cuz, Ken

6/11/2016 at 11:29 AM

The only Thomas Allen's that I have is the following:

Thomas b. o/a 1618 in UNK, UNK parents, m. Winnifred Mark with issue: Samuel Allen b. 1 Feb 1643 in Barnstable, MA.,
Thomas Allen b. 17 Jan 1678 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA., d. 6 Jul 1676 w/parents (Nehemiah),
Thomas b. 25 Dec 1597 in Braunton, Devon, w/parents (Samuel)
Thomas b. 22 Mar 1665 in Barnstable, MA., d.25 Nov 1696 in Barnstable, MA., m. to Elizabeth Otis w/issue: James b. 1 Jul 1691.,
Thomas b. o/a 1696 in Windsor, CT. w/parents (Matthew I),
Thomas I b. 1635 Braunton, Devon, d. 14 Feb 1696 Windsor, CT. w/parents (Matthew), m. Abigail Warham, w/issue 10.,
and Thomas II b. 11 Mar 1662, Windsor, CT., m. Martha Wolcott, and d. 6 Apr 1709 in Windsor.

I don't if any of this will help. Like I said! Most of the Allen's I have is all mixed up, just like the Wheeler's.

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6/12/2016 at 4:20 PM

Who is the Margaret Allen Margaret Allen attached to Samuel Allen, of South Windsor. I do not see anything referring to her in the bio.

6/13/2016 at 7:35 AM

In the Revisions for Margaret Allen it shows
'Nehemiah Allen, of Salisbury & Northampton's parents were changed to Samuel Allen, of South Windsor, Hartford. CT and Margaret Allen by Roger Keith Crosby'

'The children of Samuel and Ann Allen were:

ii. Nehemiah,2 m. Sept. 21, 1664, Sarah Woodford, dau. of Thomas and Mary (Blott) Woodford. She was b. in Hartford. Ct., Sept. 2, 1649; d. in Northampton, Mass., March 31, 1712-13. He d. in Northampton, 1684. [She m. second, in Northampton, Sept. 1, 1687, Richard I lurk. She m. third, in Northampton, July 11,1706, Judah Wright.] He settled in Salisbury, Ct.

They had, among other children:

Samuel,3 b. in Northampton, Mass., Jan: 3, 1666 ; m. Mercy Wright, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Burt) Wright.

Let us ask Roger Keith Crosby if he had reason to change this

6/13/2016 at 9:03 AM

I wasn't aware I made this change. It must have happened when I merged some conflicting data. Sorry it messed up this line. Please feel free to make needed corrections.

6/13/2016 at 9:45 AM

Ok I have reattached Nehemiah Allen, of Salisbury & Northampton as son of Samuel and Ann (Unknown) Hurlburt and disconnected Margaret until sources are found

6/13/2016 at 12:57 PM

great thanks for making the corrections

8/10/2016 at 7:11 AM

Good luck with that one. I have at least two books that state that as fact. One is the Compendium of First Families by Virkus which says that Samuel came from Braintree, Essex Co., England with his brothers, Col. Matthew Allyn and Dea. Thomas Allyn of Middletown Ct. He moved to CT in 1635 and settled in Windsor. Samuel's widow, Ann moved to Northampton, MA where she m2 William Hurlburt. She died in Northampton, MA Nov. 13, 1687. And, as someone has already mentioned, The Desc. of Samuel Allen of Windsor, CT by Willard S. Allen. Once these things get into print in an older book, it is generally taken as "gospel".

8/10/2016 at 7:53 AM

I am working my way back from the Delaware Co., NY Allen family where some of the family still lives. Here is part of what I have found: The 1790 Federal Census for Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY lists an Abiel Allen. As this is not a common name, this is likely our ancestor. His household included 1 free white male 16 and up (head of household), 2 free white males under 16, and 3 free white females. Also listed in Amenia as head of a household is an Abigail Allen, 1 other female and 3 free white males under 16. Abiel’s sister Hannah stated in her Affidavit that she had spent some time in Oblong, Dutchess County, NY. Oblong was a long narrow strip of land which in the 1700’s bordered Connecticut on its east and the Nine Partners Patent and Beekman Patent and Philipse Patent on the west. A little further west were Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie and Fishkill (kill is German for stream). Below Oblong was Westchester County, and north of Oblong was Columbia County.
The obituary of John Allen, Esquire, of the Village of Delhi states that he died in the Village of Delhi on December 21, 1860, after a protracted illness, age 50 years. It further states that he was a native of Fishkill, Dutchess County, “where relatives mostly reside”. He was buried there [Delaware Gazette, Delhi, 12-22-1860].

332131 Abel/Abiel Allen 11-15-1756 CT
332132 Hannah Allen Higley -1765/67 CT E. Windsor, CT
332133 male ___ Allen
332134 male ___ Allen
332135 female Allen

According to Shirley Houck, an Allen relative who works at the Delhi, NY, courthouse: The Allens came to NY from CT. It is believed that Phillip’s parents may be Abiel & Lydia Daniels Allen from East Windsor CT. Lydia was born 5 July 1762 in East Windsor, CT. Her parents were Stephen & Phoebe (Morris) Daniels. She had a sister Hester Bissell. Abiel was married to Lydia/Lydda Daniels in May of 1779 in E. Windsor, Hartford County, CT by William Wolcott, Esq. at the house of Henry Loomis. According to Shirley Houck at the Delhi, NY, courthouse, they moved from E. Windsor, CT to Schoharie Valley in New York and then settled in Delaware Co., NY.
Jotham Allen wrote that there were 12 children, and that “Isiah” was the youngest. Hester Bissell, resident of East Windsor, Hartford Co., CT, was a sister of Lydia Allen and swore she was present at the marriage of Abiel & Lydia nine years before she married Nathan Higley 11 November 1790 and that she had eight children.
Abiel & Lydia started their family in CT but by 1800 were in the Town of Colchester, Delaware County, NY. The census shows them with 1 boy 16-25, 1 girl 10-15, 1 boy and 3 girls under 5. In the 1810 census, Abiel & Lydia were 45+; had 1 girl 16-25, 1 boy 10-15, 2 boys under 10, 1 girl under 10. In the 1820 census Abiel & Lydia were 45+, had 1 boy 10-15, 1 boy and 1 girl under 10. The last record of Abiel is the 1830 census where he is listed 70-79,1 female 50-59, 1 male 20-29, 2 females 20-29, 1 male 10-14. Abiel died 24 Dec 1834 in Delaware Co., NY; his burial site is unknown.
In the 1840 census, Lydia’s household is next to Philip’s in Pepacton. She is listed as 81 with 1 male 15-19. Some time after Abiel died, Lydia moved to Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY. The 1850 Steuben census has her 96 years old and living with her son David & wife Julia Allen. Lydia was still a resident there 4 Feb 1853. Abiel had been a private in the regiment of Col. S.B. Webb of the Connecticut line for 3 years beginning Sept. 13, 1918 and was discharged at Morristown, NJ 10 March 1780. Unfortunately the discharge paper was lost and that created a problem when he applied for a pension but the pension was finally issued 11 Oct 1819 and sent to Isaac Ogden Esq. Judge, Delhi, Delaware Co., NY. Abiel was age 64 on 8 November 1820, a resident of Colchester, NY.
According to Shirley Houk (Allen relative) at the Delhi, NY courthouse – Abiel Allen was born in the Town of East Windsor, Hartford Co., CT about 1756. He had a sister Hannah, who was about 11 (?) years younger. On March 10, 1777, Abiel enlisted as a Private in the CT Line for 3 years in Captain Whiting’s Company, in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Samuel B. Webb, Colonel Livingston and Major Ebenezer Hunting/Huntington. He was discharged at Morristown, NJ on March 10, 1780. He married Lydia Daniels; she was born in East Windsor CT on 5 July 1762. They appear in the Delaware Co., Town of Colchester census in 1800. He applied for a pension and was granted $8.00/mo. beginning 13 October 1819. His Certificate of Pension #15,348 was issued 11 Oct 1819. There is no record of Abiel ever owning land. Abiel died in the Town of Colchester on 24 December 1834. His burial site is unknown. Lydia sent in his pension Certificate to obtain the balance of the money due along with an affidavit sworn to by Charles Knapp of Colchester. Pension to widows of Revolutionary War pensioners required proof of marriage but there could be found no marriage certificate or record of the marriage. Hester Bissell, married sister of Lydia’s swore that she was present at the marriage and that the couple was married at East Windsor by William Wolcott, Esquire at the home of Henry Loomis. Oliver Tudor also swore he remembered the marriage when he was a boy; Mrs. Hannah Higley, wife of Nathan Higley and sister of Abiel Allen said she well remembered the marriage. A Certificate of Pension was issued 18 Feb. 1839 with arrears to 4 Sept 1838. Lydia is on the 1840 census in Colchester aged 80-89. She then appears in the 1850 census in Canisteo, Steuben Co., NY, age 96 in the household of her youngest son David and family along with Lydia’s son Isiah and family, and her daughters Mrs. Phoeba (Louis) Knapp and Abigail Allen. The date and place of Lydia’s death and burial are unknown. She appeared before Justice of the Peace Benjamin C. Richey on 4 February 1853, wanting the Pension of $80 yearly increased. She is not listed in the records in Emerson, Gratiot County, MI; however, Shirley Houk states Lydia was living in the household of her son David in the 1850 census, and she is not listed in the Gratiot Co., MI records, so it is likely that she died in Canisteo, NY.

8/10/2016 at 1:08 PM
8/11/2016 at 6:29 PM

No the conflict with Samuel Allen is not with Braintree. It is doubtful that our Samuel was from Braintree England or Massachusetts. It is also noted that the 1588 date for his birth his incorrect. Based on the age listed at death but it does not fit with the age of his marriage or the birth of his children.
I quote:

I.In the book "The Allen memorial:Second Series. Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Conn.,1907" The author Orrin Peer Allen of Palmer, Massachusetts asks the question, "Were Samuel and Col. Matthew Allen Brothers?" He then gives the answer as follows: For many years very misleading views have been entertainewd, claiming kinship between Samuel Allen of Windsor and Col Matthew Allyn of Hartford and Windsor, Connecitcut (The latter spelled his name with a y, although his father did not so spell it.) Also a confusing of the names of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, Massachusetts and Deacon Thomas Allyn of Middletown, Connecticut."
"it is only recently that these matters have been sifted and set right. First then, the patient investigations of Mr. Francis Olcott Allen of Philadelphia have conclusively shown that Samuel and Col. Matthew Allyn of Barnstable, Massachusetts were not brothers, but that Col. Matthew of Windsor, Connecticut and Thomas Alyn of Barnstable, Massachusetts bore that relationship and were the sons of Richard and Margaret Allen of Braunton, Devon, England, no Samuel Allen being found on the registers there." [Vide n.E.Gen.Register, Vol 51, page 212] [, {online database}.
"The foregoing relationship of Thomas and Matthew has been further identified by the Will of Richard Allen of Braunton, proved May 10, 1652, which fully establishes the fact beyond controaversy. [Vide N.E. Gen. Register, Vol 50, page 505) Kinship of Samuel and Deacon Thomas Allen
Secondly, a careful search of the records has established the fact that Samuel Allen of Windsor, and Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown were brothers, as will be seen in the following, furnished by Mr. James Allen Kibbe of Warehouse point, Connecticut, who is a descendant of Samuel Allen; "In 1673 the General Assembly of Connecticut granted to the
(page 10) town of Middletown a strip of land along its eastern border, west of the Connecticut River. [Vide Colonial Records of Conn., Vol 1 page 395 and Vol 2 page 199) This strip of land thus became the property in common of the original proprietors of Middletown of whom Deacon Thomas Allen was one. Deacon Thomas Allen's share in this land, not being provided for in his will became the property of his legal heirs. The heirs quit-claimed their rights in this land to a few persons, some of whom were also legal heirs. These deeds begin about 1720, and continue to be given for many years, as heirs were found and bargains could be made."
These deeds establish connections.
"John Allen (3), John(4), Samuel(4) of Enfield, was one of these heirs. In his deed he states that his right is one-half of one-fourth of the whole. His brother Samuel of Enfield quit-claims his rights in another deed. These two were the only sons of John (2) Allen, who was one of the four sons of Samuel Allen of Windsor." These two deeds prove that Samuel's sons were the legal heirs of Dec. Thomas Allen, who died childless. They also show that Deacon Thomas Allen's heirs were in four lines, otherwise the share of john (2) Allen, son of Samuel would not have been just one fourth, as these deeds abundantly show. This property being divided into four parts and this john Allen having one who had the other three parts? The deeds found in Middletown Land records, quit claiming rights in this property are signed by descendants of all the other three sons of Samuel Allen of Windsor. Names: Samuel, Nehemiah and Obadiah. These signers prove also that Deacon Thomas Allen had at least in this country, no other legal heirs except descendants of the four sons of Samuel Allen. Otherwise this property could not have been divided into four equal pars as these deeds state. Therefore Samuel Allen of Windsor and Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown had no brothers or sisters in this country who had descendants living when the land was quit-claimed, otherwise it could not have been divided into four parts and one part belonging to john, son of Samuel. This proves conclusively that Matthew Allyn of Windsor and Hartford was not a brother of Samuel Allen of Windsor.
"Again in these deeds, these descendants of Samuel Allen call Dea. Thomas Allen of Middletown "Uncle," "great-uncle" and in one case "our mother's great uncle." If this was their relationship
[Page 11]
Deacon Thomas Allen, then he must have been [RELATED TO] Allen's mother.
Also it is well to remember that the children of Obadiah Allen of Middletown just in giving these deeds, thus removing all doubt Obadiah was one of the four sons of Samuel Allen."
The following references are furnished by Mr. Kibble in Proof of the foregoing statements: "Middletown , Connecticut Records. Book1 pages 100 and 101, and toprietor's list at end of the book. Land records, book 1, pages Mc. 190. 216. 227. 193. Etc/ A;sp bppl 5. [age 301/ Bppl 6/ pages 202,214,381. Book 10 pages 19, 20, etc., etc."
The following abstracts of deeds are a sample of all. They are transcribed because of their numerous names. These abstracts are so furnished by the courtesy of Mr. Jane Allen Kibbe:
"Joseph Strong Jr., Phinheas Strong, Ebenezer Root and his wife, Sarah, Jemima Strong, North Rust and Keziah his wife. Aaron Strong and Rachel his wife, all of Coventry, Connecticut, Stephen Fitch and wife Meanor of Windham, Connecticut, to Jonathan Allen of Middletown, Quit-Claims all rights of "our mother Sarah Strong in the estate of a great Uncle deacon, Thomas Allen, dec'd at Middletown
"Joseph Allyn of Cornwall, Conn., to Jonathan Allyn of Middletown, quit-claims of all my rights and the rights of Nehemiah Allyn of Stratford, Connecticut, Daniel Allyn and Ebenezer Allyn of Litchfield, Benjamin Smalley and Mary his wife of Lebanon, Conn. Selah Murray and Lydia his wife of Guilford, Connecticut and the heirs of Mary root, late of Coventry, deceased.. Quit Claims," etc. +
Other deeds show that the grantor, Joseph Allen of Cornwall, was a brother to most, if not all of the persons named in this paragraph:
"Samuel Allen and John Allen, both of Middletown, quit-claim of Thomas Allen of Middletown, all rights in lot 89, last division drawn for and on account of "our uncle" deacon Thomas Allen deceased; the whole being 71 one-half acres and ½ rood."++ This is the land referred to in all the deeds. These Allens in this paragraph are the children of deacon Obadiah Allen of Middletown.
Mr. Kibbe is entitled to great credit for discovering the foregoing
SOURCES: *Vide Middletown land records, book 6. Page 381, June 14, 1738.
+ Vide Middletown book to page 201. Feb 20, 1742.
++Vide Middletonw book 3, page 392, Feb 15, 1722-3

"However, Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown WAS SAMUEL'S BROTHER. Thomas Allyn, brother, lived at Westersfield in 1636. Both prominent in local politics. Kinship of Samuel and Deacon Thomas Allen.

II. The relationship of Samuel and Thomas is also established with the Will of Thomas Allyn wherein he gives some of his inheritance to his nephews, the children of Samuel, as he had no children of his own. Will is in the notes of Thomas Allyn.

III.THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION COMES FROM CAPE COD GENES at"Genes1.6 - Person Sheet" Samuel Allen -[an online database].
Speaking of brother Matthew: Associations: Brother of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, Plymouth Colony as may be seen by following carefully the many entires for both Matthew and Thomas in Lechford, especially page 418 which explicitly links the Barnstable man with Braunton in Devonshire. Thomas Allen of Wethersfield was a different man and not related to this family, nor was Samuel Allen of Windsor any relation [Hale, House 447-48].
(Matthew Allyn's extensive litigation of 1650 was with his brother Thomas Allyn of Barnstable and not with Thomas Allen of Wethersfield [RPCC 87-88; CCCR 1:211]). SOURCE:19. ref 448 Anderson, Robert Charles. The Great Migration Begins; Immigrants to New England 1620-1633. Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995. (3 vols.) Typing contributed by: Tish Gardner, 145 West Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136 GardGen <> (617) 364-7275
We know little of Samuel Allen. He was a farmer, a public spirited man and was chosen a juryman on Mar. 5, 1644. He was born in England about 1588[-1608] and died and was buried in Windsor on April 28, 1648. His wife Ann died Nov. 13, 1687, probably at Northampton, Mass. Their children were:
1. Samuel, b. 1634.
2. Nehemiah.
3. John.
4. Rebecca, d. May 8, 1697 at Northampton.
5. Mary.
6. Obadiah.
7. A child, d. young.
1462 (40)ALLEN
SAMUEL1 ALLEN was a farmer at Windsor, Connecticut, where he was first recorded on January 27, 1640, as grantee of a house lot and other allotments of land aggregating about thirty acres. He served as juryman on March 5, 1644. On April 28, 1648, he was buried at Windsor. The inventory of his estate was taken September 8, 1648, and amounted to £76 18s 8d. His widow, ANN, survived him, and married William Hurlbut. In 1657, soon after its settlement, with him [and] with her children by Samuel Allen, she removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, where she died November 13, 1687.
The only known relative of Samuel Allen was Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown, whose property was inherited by Samuel's sons, his nephews, as he had no children of his own. There is apparently no connection between this Allen family and Matthew Allyn of Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut, and Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, Massachusetts. There is no record of Samuel Allen at Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it has been said he went in 1632, and the English origin of the family is not known. It has been supposed that Samuel came to New England on the Mary and John in 1630, but this is not established. It has been said that he was sixty years of age at the time of his death, but it seems probable, since his wife outlived him nearly forty years, and since his son Samuel was born as late as 1634, and his other children probably later, that he was a much younger man.
IV. Another entry that states: Samuel was the son of Samuel Allen of Bronton, Devonshire, England, and of Chelmsford, county of Essex." This is incorrect and this information belongs to a different Samuel Allen as is noted in the above quote.]
V. Other researchers are speculating Samuel came from Dorchester because he was with Dorchester people in Windsor. This has not been fully established.

IV. "As yet no records have been found which clearly point out the ancestry of our Samuel Allen, where or when he was born or just when he migrated to this country, yet from all the known circumstances connected with him, I am inclined to adopt the theory of Mr. Francis Olcott Allen, who has given the subject much thought, that he came over with the Dorchester Company in 1630, and settled primarily at Dorchester. The reason that the present Dorchester records do not mention his name is probably due to the fact that the first leaves of said record are missing; and mention is also made to a missing book containing names of the grantees from the beginning. This belief was signed by William Allen, D. D., of Northampton, who says in a note by Christian Sonnets, published in 1860, that his ancestor, Samuel Allen, "is supposed to have come from the west of England with the Dorchester people in the ship Mary and John in 1630." Mr. Allen was greatly interested in the ancestry of his family and gave the subject much thought, so his testimony is the more valuable." [Source: The Allen Memorials. Second series. Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Conn., 1604-1907, by Orrin P. Allen, pages 13-16. GENEALOGY COLLECTION, ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY-3 1833 01200 0698 Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2010 with funding from Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center,]

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8/13/2016 at 9:57 PM

Some of those early Allen history family sources, written by early Allens have been discredited as containing many errors, just FYI. The best sources are birth, death, christening and marriage records, as well as other legal documents.

8/14/2016 at 6:36 AM

Thank you for your answer. That's mostly what I rely on. Also, since I live in CT, used the Barber Collection at the State Library.

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8/15/2016 at 12:01 AM

Hey, Marjorie, my 11th cousin! 😀

8/15/2016 at 5:17 AM

Hi llth cousin: I have been working on my Becker-Griswold gen since 1969. Now with Geni-Match I think I have enough new ancs to keep me going for another 50 yrs. I'm 86 now so don't think I'll make it. Very interesting since you end up with anc from almost every country.

12/1/2016 at 7:48 PM

Angus Wood-Salomon

In regards to the Master profile here:

John Allen, of Windsor & Deerfield

With the note:

Do not merge with John Allen, of Windsor & Deerfield until sources found

Please join this discussion


The two John's are the same, they are sourced here:

I do not know the parents of the 2nd master profile & will disconnect them.

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